Legacy Mode Beta - Update, 27th June

The latest batch of updates and fixes for the Legacy Mode Beta is now live.

Today, we've brought you a bunch more old-style animations, fixed fast item switching, and generally tuned up the content so it's slicker and better balanced.

Read on for full details, or log into the beta and start playing.

Legacy Mode Updates

Today, the following changes have been made in the beta, for Legacy Mode itself:

  • Old-style animations have been introduced.
  • There is no longer lag when switching items.
  • Enchanted bolts now work in Legacy Mode.
  • Healing from portents now displays correctly in Legacy Mode.
  • Damage of special attacks in Legacy Mode has been tweaked based on feedback.
  • Always-on chat can now be toggled by right-clicking the 'All' chat option.

Global Updates

We've also made the following global changes in the beta:

  • Prayer and curse icons have been updated to bear greater resemblance to the old icons.
  • Certain low-levelled abilities now unlock earlier.
  • Barrows gear has been further graphically updated, incorporating certain elements of its old appearance into its newer look.
  • Damage scaling from Dharok's set has been improved when you are on low life points.
  • Spells accessed by skill boosts can now be auto-cast.
  • The ring of vigour now reduces the adrenaline/special attack energy requirement of special attacks, rather than saving 10% once it's used, thus allowing special attacks to be used at a lower adrenaline/energy level.
  • The Korasi's sword special attack is now more accurate while fighting the Pest Queen in Dominion Tower.
  • Korasi's sword now hits based on melee accuracy, rather than magic.
  • Concentrated Blast and Fury have had their weapon damage per hit increased to match Sonic Wave and its equivalents.
  • Vengeance now triggers correctly.
  • Spec restore potions no longer stall the restoration of special attack energy.
  • Fighting monsters with a much lower level than yours will now feel quicker.
  • Strength bonuses and poison damage now scale inversely to weapon speed. The slower your weapon, the more you get out of your strength bonus or poison.
  • Melee damage is more affected by the Strength skill, depending on the level of weapon used.
  • The exiled Kalphite Queen's level is now correct.
  • Hit marks are no longer delayed.
  • An issue where unskulled players were still losing all of their gear after the skull had cleared has been fixed.
  • Switching back to NIS after switching to Legacy Mode no longer resets chat settings.

The poll to determine whether Legacy Mode goes into the live game is live, so log into RuneScape and vote now. Remember - you can change your mind at any point until the poll ends, so no need to hold off.

Your feedback's as important as ever, so please take some time to tell us what you think over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

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