Mahjarrat Aura - Update!

Mahjarrat Aura - Update!

You've been asking for it - through social media and, of course, memes - and we're finally making it happen. We're happy to confirm that from July 29th the Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players (yes, even Ironmen!).

Great! How do I get it?

Players will be able to grab the Mahjarrat Aura for 1,000 Reaper points, which we think reflects the fact it's a best-in-slot aura for a lot of PvM activity.

NOTE: Obtaining the Mahjarrat Aura is not required for the Trimmed Completionist Cape Requirement.

However, as it has also been available as a purchase previously, we don't want those with little interest in obtaining all those Reaper points to miss out. Therefore the Mahjarrat Aura will also be available in exchange for 3 Bonds, which at this moment in time equates to a gold amount of approximately 65 million.

It should also go without saying that if you signed up for Premier Club in 2016, the Mahjarrat Aura is already unlocked on your account and available to use.

Any chance of getting some of the other top Auras?

Furthermore, we're also treating this as a pilot for the possible release of other Auras previously available via the Premier Club in the future, depending on the reaction to this initial offer. But rest assured - the Mahjarrat Aura will be available to everyone for good regardless of what happens with other similar Auras.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, members of the RuneScape team will be available to chat in our official Discord server in the mahjarrat-aura-discussion channel from tomorrow (June 19th) for the rest of the week. Join the discussion here!

Happy adventuring!

The RuneScape Team

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