Necromancy: Community Feedback Update - #4

Necromancy: Community Feedback Update - #4

Lanterns up, 'Scapers!

We're back for another Community Feedback update for Necromancy. The Necromancy team are still refining Necromancy and engaging with feedback from you, the Community!

What's the Necrotic News?

This blog is designed to inform you on issues that the Necromancy development team are actively investigating, working on, or have addressed based on Community feedback. We're utilising these blogs as a way to keep you updated on the issues we're tracking, what we're working on and what's been resolved.

This is the fourth weekly update, for the last three week's updates, including lots of fixes you might have missed in the past weeks, please check here: , here: and

Issues from the Immaterial

If you're looking to report a bug or issue, please check this list, each week, to see if we're already tracking your issue in the list below. On desktop browsers, you can search with Ctrl+F, and most mobile browsers have a "Find in Page" option in the additional options in the top browser bar.

If you're not seeing the issue listed below, please log a bug report in-game by pressing Escape, and clicking "Report Issue" in the bottom left corner of the options window, then click "Report a Bug", the right-hand button. The community team are also monitoring our social spaces across Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Meta platforms.

Catacombs and Categories

What are the issues we're looking at? We'll be categorising these issues into four brackets. These are:


Players have raised this feedback or reported this issue occurring, and the development team are currently investigating. If it is an issue, the team will investigate how, or if, this can be resolved.


Not every issue can be resolved via hotfix (applied without a server restart) so some of these issues will need to be applied during weekly updates on Mondays.


Success! The issue has been resolved in the live game at the time of this article's publication.


Some issues raised will not require fixes, or cannot be verified or replicated by the development team. Additional context will be provided about these particular issues where possible.

As of Friday, September 1st, the following topics have been raised:


  • We're looking into giving players the ability to transmute Mementos.
  • Boss monster XP rates, 'single target' monster XP rates
  • We're aware that the lower portion of the City of Um isn't visible on the world map.
  • Here's what's still on our radar from last week:

  • We're looking at changing Protection Glyph's function within Rituals to extend the length of Ritual Disturbances.
  • Conjuring / Commanding out of combat can cost 0 adrenaline. (Considering rebalances of their adrenaline costs to keep some of this functionality
  • Necromancy Lanterns are sometimes held improperly.
  • We're continuing to monitor the adrenaline cost and use of abilities.
  • We're looking into a better way to display 'Necrosis' on the player.
  • We're looking into giving you better control over whether you want your 'Command' abilities to be triggered when using revolution.
  • We're aware that spirits can sometimes get trapped behind certain areas and scenarios. They suddenly lose their brains!
  • We're aware of potential confusion with how the 'Blood Siphon' ability functions and discussing solutions.
  • Adding a warning when attempting to start a ritual with a depleted alteration glyph.
  • Adding a suffix to the naming of the Deathwarden, Deathdealer, and Death Skull items to make it clearer what tier they are.

  • We will be adjusting Ritual XP rates in the following ways:
    • Ritual Output XP is increased.
    • Random events will have their XP rewards reduced.
    • At levels 60+, XP will be reduced overall by approximately 20%,with Rituals below level 60 affected less than this.
  • We will be adjusting Rituals progression to no longer show as divided by 10 in legacy combat mode.
  • We've made changes to invention XP - Eureka!
    • Overall rate at which Combat items gain XP.
    • Matching Off-hand XP rates to match mainhand rates.
    • Edge cases where players would gain lower rates at bosses and high XP monsters
  • We've fixed some buffs (e.g., Slayer Helm, Genocidal and Revenge) that were applying disproportionately to fixed & random damage, meaning they are more effective on abilities like Quake than an ability Hurricane.
  • We've reduced the defence of some NPCs whose defence was deemed excessively high:
    • This includes Arch Glacor minions, Living Wyverns and Acheron Mammoths
      • We've completed our first pass but are continuing to monitor other NPC's
    • Death skulls has been cleaned up to target appropriate targets better & has an increased bounce range
    • Extended the time out duration for recasts of spectral scythe and timeout is now displayed on the buffbar.
    • Removal of death skull double dipping damage buffs.
    • Hermod / Rasial don't trigger luck messaging.
    • Berserk blood essence not working with Necromancy.
    • Small changes to congealed blood to increase supply from some non-ravenous ghoul NPC's
    • Death guard special not being treated as a stun at Yakamaru
    • An issue with Seren godbow was failing a check when combined with decimation.
    • Issues with life transfer and conjures timers, (capping too early and not extending correctly with multiple conjures)
    • Flying Ahrim in Rise of the Six will be able to be damaged with Necromancy.
    • 'That Old Black Magic' has been changed into a special quest, with each instrument being a sub-quest.

    ✅ RESOLVED ✅

  • Dodging an attack now correctly triggers auto-retaliate.
  • Various niche issues that could occur with the 'Death Mark' incantation have now been resolved.
  • 🚫 CLOSED 🚫

  • The examine of the bird on the boat that says "Parrot" is not a bug. Parrots aren't bugs, and neither are owls.

  • Please remember:

    • This is not an exhaustive list of everything the development team are currently working on. If an issue has been listed above, that does not necessarily mean it has been ignored.
    • If an issue is added to ⏳ AWAITING PATCH ⏳ this does not mean it will be addressed in the next patch but will be included in an upcoming patch. Please continue to check the weekly patch notes section in the This Week in RuneScape articles for details.

    This will be the last of the Community Feedback update blogs, but that doesn't mean that we will be stepping away from Necromancy! On the contrary, we'll continue to monitor the skill, resolve issues that arise and nurture it through the weeks and months ahead! We've got more exploration to do and more to come, so stay tuned! We want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read these posts. These have been a pleasure to put together, and have been a testament to how community feedback is at the heart of the skill, and how Necromancy will continue to grow with players. From all of us in the Necromancy and RuneScape teams, we want to once again say thank you.

    - The RuneScape Team

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