New Quest – Kindred Spirits | Void Knights Rework

New Quest – Kindred Spirits | Void Knights Rework

Enter into a deadly new quest that features the legendary Barrows Brothers and forms part of the Sliske’s Endgame storyline. Play Kindred Spirits now and enjoy puzzling your way through a series of increasingly deadly games!

Also, be sure to visit the reworked Void Knights’ Outpost in the glory of the new game client, complete with a suitably moody atmosphere.

Kindred Spirits | Sliske’s Endgame

You can probably tell by the recent spate of mysterious disappearances that dark and twisted schemes are afoot in Gielinor (when are they not?). Find out what’s going on as you puzzle your way through a twisted tale with an edge of dark humour.

Discover more about the history and lore of the Barrows Brothers as events take an even more sinister turn. Are things ramping up for Sliske’s Endgame? Who is behind the disappearances and where is this all leading? Seeking the truth will strain your moral fibre - are you ready to play a little game?

RuneScape members only

How to Start

Talk to Linza at the smithy in Burthorpe


You will need Level 60 in Herblore, Agility, Crafting and Smithing. You will also need to have completed the quest Missing Presumed Death.

Extra Requirement - during Mega May you must also complete Meg's Case "Robber From the Darkness Part 7". Please note that after Mega May has ended, Kindred Spirits will still be accessible without this extra requirement.


First up you’ll receive large chunks of XP in Crafting, Smithing, Herblore and Agility. You will also get access to a brand new Barrows wight for the Barrows mini-game. Defeat this undead horror and you will have the chance to loot their brand new tier 80 armour set from the Barrows chest.

As well as this, the quest is full of lore-heavy rewards await you as this quest cuts right to the heart of the Barrows Brothers themselves. Discover more than ever about who these undead warriors were in life, as well as their personal struggles. You’ll also uncover more of Sliske’s schemes as the build up to the endgame itself really kicks into gear.

Void Knights’ Outpost Rework

Void Knights' Outpost Reworked

Be sure to visit the Void Knight Outpost in the glory of the NXT client. The atmosphere and architecture have both had a fantastic overhaul and the mood is now suitably dark and stormy. After all, every day’s a rainy day for a Void Knight, beating back the slathering hordes…

Combine your visit with the upcoming minigame-focussed May Weekend (starting Friday 27th May at 12:00 game time) and get double points on Pest Control and Conquest until Monday 30th May at 12:00 game time.

Patch Notes | NXT Updates

For the latest update patch notes and NXT improvements, please see the forum thread.

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Tuesday, May 24th| 20:00 Game Time | Kindred Spirits Playthrough with Mod Raven [SPOILERS]

Want to find out all the grisly details from the development of the newest quest? Join Mod Shauny as he hosts a playthrough with Mod Raven, live this Tuesday! There WILL be spoilers!

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RS, Old School RuneScape, Chronicle, and our new mobile game RuneScape: Idle Adventures will all be covered - so this is every ‘Scaper’s essential guide to the rest of 2016 and beyond.

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