Patch Notes - 09/03

Patch Notes - 09/03

Welcome to another thrilling edition of the Patch Notes post! This week there've been tweaks to Solak, twists to Lumbridge Market, and those tricksy Ninjas have been tackling a troublesome interface. Scroll down to find out more!

Ninja Strike 2

The Ninja Team have been hard at work this week, tackling yet more player frustrations in their second strike! Today sees a good chunk of changes focusing on the Drop Cleaner interface, alongside various other quality of life improvements.

Drop Cleaner Improvements

  • The Charming Imp now uses the same drop cleaner interface that is used for Herbicide, Seedicide and the Bonecrusher.
  • Individual Spirit Gems on the Charming Imp interface can now be toggled on and off for consumption or collection, and each type of Spirit Gem now gives a different amount of XP versus the previous 16XP for all Spirit Gems.
  • These drop cleaner interfaces have all been updated. This affects Herbicide, Seedicide, Charming Imp, and Bonecrusher.
  • These interfaces now show you the XP you receive for consuming/destroying items, and the GE guide price of those items. This should help players make more informed decisions on the spot, rather than having to search elsewhere for this information. The Charming Imp does not show GE guide prices as charms cannot be traded. Players can mouse over these icons to show tooltips that explain what the icons mean.
  • With the above change, the selection boxes for each item have been increased in size. Alongside this, the click/tap area for selection boxes has been increased. Previously players could only click/tap on the tickbox, but now this includes the entire box for an item. The "toggle all" options and the "auto collect" options also have increased click/tap areas encompassing their text.
  • The descriptions of the drop cleaners have been moved from the bottom of the interface to the top, and have all been cleaned up and made more consistent to avoid any ambiguity in understanding what is consumed or collected.
  • The "Auto-pickup" toggle has been renamed to "Auto-pickup unselected X" to once again remove any ambiguity.
  • Previously, upgrades to the drop cleaners were hidden if they were not yet obtained. Now they are no longer hidden and are instead shown at the bottom of each interface. This section will now describe where they can be unlocked/bought. This is to better guide players towards obtaining the upgrades.
  • All items in each of these interfaces are now ordered by type and level, where appropriate, within their own categories. Previously, some of these were out of order. This does not apply to the Bonecrusher as bones do not require a Prayer level to be buried.
  • The checkboxes on the drop cleaners now use the correct builders, ensuring that they are graphically consistent regardless of normal, legacy or mobile UI.
  • The chat messages received when an item is consumed or collected has been made more consistent across all drop cleaners. This also means the messaging for translated languages is more consistent.
  • Finally, other minor adjustments have been made to the interfaces to improve readability, including more vertical spacing between boxes.
  • Other Strikes

  • The Geyser Titan Summoning familiar can now recharge all kinds of enchanted dragonstone jewelry. Previously it would not recharge skills necklaces or combat bracelets. Alongside this, some messaging for the Fountain of Heroes, the Legend Guild's Totem Pole, and the 'Tears of Seren' fountain have been made more consistent.
  • The Ninjas had a word with Egil*, and he will no longer interrupt players with his Ceremonial Sword Plans while they're Smithing. Instead, he'll now wait for you to speak to him to hand you the plans, before disappearing shortly afterwards. *No Egils were harmed in the making of this Patch Note. As a goodwill gesture, the Ninjas gave Egil some smoke bombs to spice up his disappearance.
  • Used unaugmented versions of Custom Fit Trimmed Masterwork and Custom Fit Trimmed Spiked Masterwork armour can now be keepsaked.
  • When opened, the skill guide will now automatically jump to the level of your most recently unlocked item. For example, opening the Farming skill guide at level 68 will jump straight to the level 68 unlock which is palm trees. This means you no longer have to scroll all the way through a skill guide to find what is at or around your current levels.
  • A "Deposit All Raw Fish" option has been added to the magical nets at the Deep Sea Fishing hub. This option will deposit any raw fish in your inventory but won't deposit anything else, such as urns or Deep Sea Fishing hub boosts. This doesn't include magnetic minnows, however, as they can still be turned into bait.
  • Lumbridge Market Improvements

    War never changes, but sometimes people do. Following on from previous changes to the Combat Academy we've got more improvements to the space this week.

  • Replaced the combat academy flag near the Lumbridge market bank chest with a bank chest flag.
  • Removed the combat academy flag in the south-west corner of Lumbridge market. The south divider was also a mix of wooden fence and ropes, which has now been converted to a rope divider.
  • The description of opportunistic merchants in the Lumbridge market no longer specifies that they are trying to cash in on the war.
  • Two pairs of socially awkward citizens at the Lumbridge market have mustered the courage to face each other.
  • Removed looping voiceover from certain merchants and citizens in the Lumbridge market. No more shall Lumbridge adventurers suffer the tyranny of pineapple promises and troll war gossip.
  • Solak Scaling

    The mighty Solak is intimidating at the best of times, but rightly saw some love in last weeks update. This week there's a few more changes to polish up this gargantuan Guardian of Guthix.

  • During the Solak encounter, the root attack once again happens after 1:06 instead of after 58 seconds for all group sizes.
  • A camera shake effect has been removed when base tanking Solak.
  • Familiars using Ranged damage will no longer break the Crassian Leviathan's special attack animations.
  • The defend animation removal was missed from Telos and they have now been removed from this encounter.
  • Bugfixes

    No one likes to encounter bugs when they play, so each week we do our best to squash as many as we can!

    Fixes labelled Hotfix were addressed between weekly releases.

  • Fixed an issue that broke Solak's animations due to a knock on effect from removing the defend animations.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from retrieving their Starfire Cape from Diango.
  • Fixed an issue that caused pickaxes stored in the toolbelt to not work as expected in F2P.
  • Players should no longer get a message stating that 0 oddments have been added to their currency pouch due to the oddments rebalance.
  • Fixed an issue where some Treasure Hunter prizes were not displaying a description for Free-to-Play players.
  • Fixed a bug where the Adrenaline Urn could not be retrieved via Diango if the player destroyed it.
  • Fixed a bug where all colour variants of the Zodiac Costume could not be retrieved via Diango if the player destroyed them.

  • Looks like the smoke is mostly gone now - but fear not, the Ninja team and their bug-fixing sidekicks will be back next week for another round of improvements.

    Have you got suggestions for changes you'd like to see? Use the links up above to let us know!

    Until next time!

    ~ The RuneScape Team

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