Patch Notes - 30/03

Patch Notes - 30/03

We're itching to get our hands grubby over at Kharid-Et and you must be too, so let's keep things brief and get straight into this week’s Patch Notes.


Our expert shovelbums have managed to dig up an ancient tome, filled with forgotten wisdom from ages past… oh, hang on, it’s just a regular bunch of changes. Not all of them are directly linked to Archaeology, but they’re all very important for this update to work.

  • Changed the ‘Excavate’ option on several objects not connected to Archaeology in order to reduce confusion. Similar changes have been made to Quest Logs and other instructions.
  • Added a ‘The Dig Site’ quest icon to all related NPCs, Locations and Objects.
  • Various changes to the Make-x interface:
  • Reduced the size of the icons on the right-hand panel
  • Reduced the size of the text in the 'Values' section
  • When selecting a different category, it will no longer show information for an object that hasn't been selected or unlocked
  • The clickable/tappable region on the 'Share' options in the Collection Log interface has been increased to cover the entire button.
  • Removed the cutscene that plays when entering and exiting the Halls of Camdozaal on Ice Mountain.
  • Made numerous improvements to the Collection Log interface:
  • Added a 'Reward' info section to each Log
  • Increased the click/tap area on the Favourite and Options buttons
  • Changed the ambiance on the item backgrounds so obtained items are more identifiable
  • Added seven Bank chests to the overworld in all five dig site camps, the Exam Centre and the Archaeology Guild Campus.
  • Added 50 new Bank spaces.
  • Added a 'Bank deposit' map icon to all Bank deposit locations.
  • Added tooltips to items in the Skill Guide.
  • Upon levelling up, the Skill Guide will display all the information about each new entry.
  • Updated the colour of the Adrenaline Bar to better aid those with colour blindness.
  • Removed the Gatherer's Cape from players and returned all shards, as the cape now has an Archaeology requirement.
  • Graphically updated Movario.
  • Renamed ‘ancient components’ to ‘third-age components’.
  • The Max Guild portal’s attunement is now completely independent and no longer checks against the attunements of the portals in War's Retreat.
  • Max is now using the 'Jack of Trades' title as he does not own the Archaeology skill pet.
  • The mouseover text for a locked Invention material now displays in red.
  • Mousing over Achievements will now show your progress towards any Meta Achievements they are included in.
  • Added tooltips to the Meta Achievements listed under an Achievement to show what's required. For example, the tooltip for the ‘Who's The Boss? VI’ Achievement, listed as a requirement for the ‘Final Boss’ Achievement, states ‘Kill a total number of bosses. (X/5,000)’.
  • Changed the text in the Skills interface to say 'View Skill Guide' rather than just 'View'.
  • Lowered the brightness of the sun over near the Desert Strykewyrms east of Al kharid.
  • Bugfixes

    No one likes to encounter bugs when they play, so each week we do our best to squash as many as we can!

    Fixes labelled Hotfix were addressed between weekly releases.

  • Hotfix: Players can no longer open the Yak Track interface while the First Time User Experience is still active via the Task List or Sir Yaktrick Moore, as doing so caused an issue where blank tasks were displayed on the interface.
  • Hotfix: Players can now hand in eggs to Benedict regardless of how much of Benedict’s World Tour has been completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the message played after unlocking the 15th Anniversary skilling speech bubbles pointed to the incorrect tab within Game Settings.
  • Fixed numerous graphical bugs surrounding the new Dig Site entrances and the Archaeology Guild Campus.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gizmo interface would not repopulate the potential outcomes when dragging a material out of the grid area.
  • Fixed an issue where the spacer wasn't showing between some of the requirements in the Make-x interface.
  • The thumbs of certain Dig Site employees have been returned to their proper size.
  • Known Issues

    With large updates like Archaeology there will always be small things you find after sign off. We compiled a list of these so you know that we're already aware of these issues.
  • Collection log - Number of items in a collection will have a number break over to the next line if there's more than 5 characters (visible in hard clue scroll collections).
  • Player uses the wrong side of the ladder at the Temple of Ikov.
  • The Ancient Gargoyle familiar is missing an animation when using special attack ability.
  • Re-unlocking comp cape requires the player to log out and back in.
  • The Ancient Waterfiend familiar is not blocked from entering the Barrows area.
  • Messaging for hanging painting in the Guild office doesn't clearly specify that only replica paintings from Art Critic Jacques collections can be used.
  • Material Cache - One of the Armadylean Yellow material caches is not accessible.
  • Time Sprite will not spawn on the eastern Amphitheatre debris if it's active on the western locations.
  • Archaeologist workbench make-x slider works incorrectly when the player does not have the materials required to restore an artefact.
  • All Archaeology camp/bonfires are burn logs/cook functionality.
  • Seth Minas is missing dialogue pre completion of the Dig Site quest.
  • Some Archaeology items cannot be keepsaked.
  • 'More Options' text overwrites the name of a mystery if it's the last one in the list when talking to a site manager.
  • Pop-up on the Centurion's Dress Sword (damaged) is misplaced when opened for the first time on a mobile device.
  • May occasionally experience the client soft-locking whilst in the Stormguard Citadel on a Xiaomi Black Shark mobile device.
  • Obtaining candles and chalks from the Infernal Source do not check if you have the item in another inventory.
  • Unable to add master skillcape to the skillcape stand on Anachronia.
  • Outer wall debris in Kharid-et has a very large clickbox.
  • Known Graphical Issues

  • Various z-fighting issues across all dig sites.
  • A few tiles missing blocking/collision across all dig sites.
  • Lava faucet asset does not disappear with the rest of the wall when using remove roofs.
  • Stadio debris excavation spot soil colour is inconsistent.
  • Players legs become transparent during an animation when using a portal in the Infernal Source.
  • Players mattock disappears during an animation when activating a portal in the Stormguard Citadel.
  • Dis overspill excavation spot debris is missing an animation.
  • Numerous excavation spots are clipping into the ground, particularly those found in the Infernal Source dig site.
  • Some textures are missing on the ground in the Stormguard citadel.
  • Blood of orcus material cache floats mid air when depleted.
  • Blood of orcus material cache has different colours when depleted.
  • Eye of Dagon material cache has different colours when depleted.
  • Materials in the Animal furs material cache float.
  • Quintessence Material cache has missing backfaces.
  • Numerous assets clipping through another piece of environment across all dig sites.
  • One of the islands in the Infernal Source disappears when viewing it from a specific location and angle.
  • Drop an item while standing on the portals in the Infernal Source will cause the item to float.
  • Players disappear from some angles when using an some agility shortcuts, on mobile devices.
  • That’s all from us this week! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got an appointment at the Archaeology Guild…

    Until next time!

    The RuneScape Team

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