Patch Week & Pure Resets

We're focusing on bug fixes and other small updates this week, including improvements to Rise of the Six and a batch of tweaks from the Ninja Team.

Pure resets are here, too, letting nostalgia seekers build the focused characters they fondly remember.

Read on for further details, or log into RuneScape now.

Rise of the Six

The following fixes to the Rise of the Six boss battle make it fairer and more fun:

  • Players are no longer attributed kills or counted for rewards if they stand between the two entry barriers and do not participate in the fight.
  • Karil will no longer start his bombing run while still on his platform, and will no longer run back to his original position if attacked by a familiar.
  • The range of Karilís bombardment attack has been increased.
  • The brothers can no longer enrage until Karil has finished his bombing run.
  • Undead versions of the brothers will now be hidden underneath alive versions of the brothers if they are stacked.
  • The Shadow Realm mechanic has been reworked.

Ninja Updates

The Ninja Team have been hard at working bringing you a big batch of updates, most of which were frequent requests:

  • You can now use the RuneScape Authenticator in place of your Bank PIN. To do this, first set up the Authenticator on your account, then select 'Use Authenticator as a Bank PIN' from the Bank PIN Settings interface.
  • Cooldown times are now displayed on the action bar. This can be toggled off in the Interface Settings interface.
  • Beast-of-burden familiars can now be filled directly from the bank.
  • Excalibur swords have been graphically updated, and the enhanced Excalibur is now protected on death.
  • Gargoyles have been updated with improved graphics and animation fixes.
  • The assist cap now resets at midnight UTC each day, and it's possible to continue assisting once the cap has been reached - albeit at no XP gain.
  • Bert's sand delivery now resets at midnight UTC.
  • Players on your Ignore list can no longer attempt to teleport you.
  • The click area on clan avatars has been reduced.
  • Chat tabs no longer flash when otherwise-filtered messages come through.
  • The camera is better positioned upon entering the Araxxor and Rise of the Six fights.
  • The Death interface now displays which items won't be saved in your gravestone.
  • You can now click 'Esc' to cancel sending a private message.
  • A broadcast is now sent when a player receives a five or ten-year veteran cape.
  • The apron undershirt is now coloured black.

Pure Resets

We've brought in some handy functions for those of you looking to reset certain stats to create or maintain pure accounts.

If you've accidentally gained unwanted levels, these options allow you to undo that and get your account back as you want it.

Speak to Nastroth near Lumbridge Castle if you're interested in the service. He'll give you two options:

  • Reset Constitution and Prayer: requires level 5 or lower in Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic and Summoning.
  • Reset Defence: requires that your combined Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic total at least 10.

You will be asked for your Bank PIN, if set.

As an additional security feature, you may also ask Nastroth never to allow skill resets on your account. Note that this cannot be reversed once done.

When these are done, any completed quests or tasks that require your previous level or always award XP in a reset skill will become uncompleted, and any rewards for completing them will be removed. Exceptions are the superior kyzaj, which will revert to a Bandos hilt, and the Imcando pickaxe, which will revert to a dragon pickaxe.

Note that if you re-complete a quest or task, any XP lamps or Treasure Hunter Keys will not be re-awarded.

Your position on the hiscores will be reset accordingly, although there may be a delay before this happens. The XP loss will also be reflected in your clan, and may result in a reduced hiscore board position for them, too.

Also note that the reset may also affect your hiscore position in otherwise unaffected skills, as you will be moved to the bottom of any cluster of players with the same amount of XP.

For example, if you reset your Defence to level 1 and have 200m XP in Fishing, you will be moved to the lowest hiscore position of players with 200m Fishing XP.

Any unclaimed funds in your Miscellania coffers will be transferred to your money pouch on reset.

Along with the requirements above, you cannot reset your stats if:

  • You have already performed your chosen reset for your account.
  • You have already performed the other reset for your account.
  • You have any items in your worn, backpack or beast-of-burden inventories.
  • You have dropped an item or dismissed a familiar in the last three minutes.
  • You have an item that would be removed by the reset in a Keepsake box.

Please note: any changes made through the Pure Reset system are irreversible, and will not be undone by Jagex for any reason.


You'll find loads more fixes and tweaks in the patch notes, all geared towards making RuneScape slicker and more enjoyable.

Have fun, and look out for Behind the Scenes - October this Friday, for details of a gob-smacking month of content.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News
  • Got loads of spare Bonus XP? For a limited time, visit Vic the Trader's Swap Shop in the Grand Exchange to swap it for skill outfit pieces, reduced amounts of actual XP, and much more. See the news post for full details.
  • Balthazar's Big Raffle wraps up tomorrow, but Balthazar will be in Burthorpe until October 13th so you can collect any prizes you've yet to claim.
  • Solomon now stocks the resplendent Elven Riches pack. Visit Solomon's Store now!
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