Patch Week

Guthixian Caches came to you early last week, so today we've focused on bringing you a big batch of tweaks and fixes.

Take a look through the list below, enjoy, and get ready for Elf City Part 2 - coming next week!

Ironman/Hardcore Ironman

  • Soul Wars and Conquest are now available for Ironman accounts, with limited available rewards.
  • Hardcore mode death broadcasts now only appear at total level 750 and above.
  • Soul Reaper assignments now yield reduced Slayer XP for Ironman accounts.
  • The Exiled Kalphite Lair is now open to Ironman accounts.

Grouping System

  • It is now possible to teleport freely to the following minigames when in a group, instead of having the party leader teleport everyone:
    • Fist of Guthix
    • Clan Wars FFA
    • Clan Wars FFA (safe)
    • Shades of Mort'ton
    • TzHaar Fight Pit
  • Matchmaking has been improved, so you're less likely to be assigned to a group with offline players.
  • There is now an option to only allow players with a minimum of 10 kills in the chosen boss group, or only to join groups that meet that requirement.
  • You can now set custom group sizes for boss fights and certain minigames.
  • Grouping System messages are now filtered when game messages are set to be filtered.
  • A Coinshare/Lootshare option has been added to the Grouping System.
  • A 'view stats' option is now available in the Grouping System interface, allowing players' base levels and XP to be viewed by other group members.


  • A large number of skilling animations throughout the game have been updated.
  • All jelly models and animations have been updated.
  • Players can now set custom buy and sell thresholds in shops to determine whether or not to receive a warning about expensive items.
  • Players can now tag monsters inside the Fight Cave and Fight Kiln.
  • Obtaining the 'Final Boss' title will now broadcast to other players.
  • The knocked-back animation has been updated.
  • You can now save up to three presets for Max or Completionist cape colours.
  • Quick teleport options on right-click are now available on an equipped clan vexillum.
  • Players can now walk through the Taverley dungeon gate by simply clicking on the gate, rather than needing to manually use a dusty key on it.
  • Baby dragons have been graphically updated.
  • Certain prayer animations now persist it you start walking before they're finished.
  • You can now see which bank tab an object is in while searching.
  • The obsidian cape is now a hybrid cape.
  • The Guthix's Blessing icon has been altered to make it clearer when the ability is off cooldown.
  • The camulet now automatically states how many charges remain upon teleporting.
  • Killing mutated bloodvelds now increments the bloodveld kill counter.
  • You can now pull barrels in various dungeoneering puzzle rooms.
  • Right-click options have been added for crafting various blocks in dungeoneering puzzle rooms, making them easier to use in combat.
  • Divination 'porter' items will now work with salamanders and swamp lizards.
  • Chat messages displayed when the effects of receiving triple charm drops are about to wear off have been made more noticeable.
  • Nulodion will now return upgraded cannons.


  • Rune ethereal outfits now grant a weight-reducing effect when worn.
  • The ghostly fisher and farmer outfits now work as skilling outfits, as long as you have the whole, regular versions of the outfits unlocked.
  • The drop chance of ghostly essence has been increased.
  • Dominion tower gloves have been restored to their former glory.

Take a look at the patch notes to find out about other changes made today.

Well of Goodwill - Featured Charity

This week, we’re celebrating one of the amazing charities in the Well of Goodwill: AbleGamers.

We’ll be featuring them all over our social media channels this week – and we’re giving you the opportunity to ask them all sorts of questions about the great things they do for young people.

Head over to our forums, where we’ve set up a special thread for you to ask the AbleGamers team anything all this week, or take part in a special AMA on Reddit with them on 4th November at 6pm GMT. We’ll open up the thread around 5.50pm, so keep an eye out on /r/runescape.


Have fun, and join the discussion on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

  • The Death's Door Halloween event has been removed from the game.
  • Vic the Trader and Balthazar have packed up and left Burthorpe.
  • It's now possible to use Bonds to purchase Treasure Hunter Keys straight from the 'Run Out of Keys' prompt.
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