Permanently Unlock Your Improved Wealth Evaluator

Permanently Unlock Your Improved Wealth Evaluator

Permanently unlock the improved Wealth Evaluator, or choose from a range of expanded rental options - straight from the in-game interface!

The Wealth Evaluator is no longer purchased in Solomon’s Store. Instead, you access it straight from the icon located at the bottom of your backpack.

On top of that, we’ve now introduced a much larger range of purchase options - including a permanent unlock:

  • 4 weeks: 70 RC / 63 RC
  • 8 weeks: 128 RC / 116 RC
  • 12 weeks: 177 RC / 160 RC / 1 Bond
  • 18 weeks: 264 RC / 238 RC
  • 25 weeks: 355 RC / 320 RC / 2 Bonds
  • Permanent Unlock: 533 RC / 480 RC / 3 Bonds

Note: where two RuneCoin prices are given, the 2nd is the 10% discounted price for members.

You can still pay with either Bonds or RuneCoins directly from the in-game menus – the choice is yours! As shown above, members still get their 10% discount on any Wealth Evaluator packs purchased in game - just like they did in Solomon's Store.

We've been working hard to improve the Wealth Evaluator itself, too, increasing its accuracy and making it sleeker and easier to use.

Check out the changes by picking up a Wealth Evaluator - there's never been a better time to do so, or more ways to go about it!

Get more RuneCoins to use in my shop by redeeming Bonds in-game, by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ when you’re in Solomon’s store, or by visiting our billing page directly.

The RuneScape Team

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