Pieces of Hate | Player Gallery

Pieces of Hate | Player Gallery

Yo ho ho! Need we say more? Read on…

Pieces of Hate

Avast ye! Rabid Jack is back, and he’s launching an attack on Mos Le’Harmless complete with zombie pirates, leviathans, and puns that’ll make you say garrr! So batten down the hatches, mateys, because it’s time to conclude our Fifth Age pirate quest line with an anchor-dropping finARRRle! Here’s what you’ll need:

81 Construction
82 Firemaking
83 Agility
85 Thieving
110 combat (recommended)
Completion of Gertrude’s Cat
Completion of A Clockwork Syringe

If you’re ready to weigh anchor, chat to that landlubber Postie Pete by any Player Owned House portal. Savvy? Now, let’s send ‘em down to Davy Jones’ Locker—no parley!

Player Gallery

Player Gallery is back to celebrate the release of Pieces of Hate, and we want to see your ARRRT!

Send us your pirate-themed artwork for a chance to win prizes worth of a pirate’s treasure:

Top ten: a month of free membership
Third place: a month of free membership and three bonds
Second place: a month of free membership, three bonds, and 400 RuneCoins.
First place: a month of free membership, three bonds, 400 RuneCoins, and a unique, 3D-printed, hand-painted figurine of the newly graphically updated Barrelchest!

Let your creativity set sail! Post your artwork on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #ARRRtGallery, or send it over to us at competitions@jagex.com. Check out all details on this forum thread.

Patch Notes

You can find this week's patch notes here.


What do pirates say when they step on Lego? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

The RuneScape Team


Tune in for our live streams every month to get in-game goodies!

Just connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and tune into one of our Tuesday, Friday or Sunday live streams to get your free stuff!

The LootScape item for March is an additional Clue Scroll based on your level, with a small chance to upgrade any Elite Scroll received to a Master Scroll. Tasty!

Live Streams

Each week we live stream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find out more information about our streams over on our Twitch channel. Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed.

Tuesday, March 20th | 17:00 UTC (Game Time) | March Mobile Showcase

Join our JMods for a Mobile showcase. We’ll be showing gameplay, completing challenges and giving you a sneak peek of what you can expect from RS Mobile. Watch live on Twitch and YouTube—be sure not to miss it!

LootScape will be enabled, and the item for March—an additional Clue Scroll based on your level—will be a guaranteed drop.

Sunday, March 25th | 19:00 UTC (Game Time) | PvM with Mod Lee

Join our resident PvM expert with another mass this Sunday!

LootScape will be enabled, and the item for March—an additional Clue Scroll based on your level—will be a guaranteed drop.

Community Events

The Pink Skirt Events team is comprised of Pmods hosting community events on a weekly basis. Here's what's on the agenda for this week:

Monday 19th March

Kalphite Queen Mass
Town Square Q&A: Europe

Tuesday 20th March

Hide & Seek

Wednesday 21st March

Corporeal Beast Mass
Fish Flingers
Gregorovic Boss Mass

Thursday 22nd March

Twin Furies Boss Mass

Friday 23rd March

Nex Boss Mass

Saturday 24th March

Town Square Q&A: USA
General Graardor Hardmode Boss Mass
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Penguin v500 celebration
Helwyr Boss Mass

Sunday 25th March

Town Square Q&A: Australia
Mega Duck Hunt

For more info on this week's upcoming community events and how to get involved, check out the Pink Skirts Events' thread.

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