Player-Owned House Improvements

Make your home truly your own with today's player-owned house improvements.

First and foremost, we've broken down the house style options to give you more freedom to determine how your house looks.

Where you could previously choose just one style, you can now independently decide on four different elements:

  • House structure:
    • Basic wood
    • Basic stone
    • Whitewashed stone
    • Fremennik-style wood
    • Tropical wood
    • Fancy stone
    • Dark stone
  • Grounds:
    • Rough grass
    • Mown grass
    • Desert
    • Barren earth
    • Tundra
  • Dungeon:
    • Rough stone
    • Smooth stone
    • Desert
    • Mountain mine
    • Tropical cave
    • Stone blocks
  • Lighting:
    • Day
    • Dusk
    • Night

You can change all of these by speaking to any Estate Agent, or by right-clicking him and choosing the appropriate menu option.

We've also made a batch of tweaks and fixes to make your RuneScape home life more convenient and enjoyable:

  • When attempting to build a second Aquarium or Games Room, you are now prompted to move your existing one. You are charged as normal for creating the new room.
  • Loading times have been improved when you leave and re-enter your player-owned house in the same log-in session.
  • Sir Renitee's chat has been streamlined.
  • Building mode can be toggled via a right-click option on the house's exit portal.

Priffdinas Fixes & Tweaks

There's a bumper batch of improvements and bug fixes for Priffdinas today, too.

Permanent dark crystals and Max Guild portal changes as rewards from Morvran's challenge are particular highlights of this update, as well as numerous usability tweaks to make your time in Prifddinas all the more fun.

See the patch notes for full details!

Solomon's Store | Summer Sale

It's time to treat yourself this week, as some of Solomon's most sought-after items go on sale at 60% off!

This includes a number of awe-inspiring outfits such as the Nomad Pack and Deathless Regent outfit, pets such as Dawn, Dusk, the Skypouncer and the Blazehound, and more ľ never before available at such a big discount.

There's an absolute mountain of incredible offers, available for just seven days ľ until 23:59 UTC on 9th August. Visit the store now, before Solomon comes to his senses!

In Other News

  • If you haven't already, check out our Flash Sale at the Merch Store. New items on sale every day until Thursday at 25% off!

Read the patch notes for further detail of today's updates.

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