Return to Ashdale & Choose Your Path

In today's free-to-play update, those of you who've completed A Shadow over Ashdale can return to the island to battle the crassians and their leader. You can also get advice on what to do next from the Choose Your Path system, or show off your skills as a high flyer on the hiscores.

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Gudrik's House
Terror from the Depths

Speak to Gudrik in Taverley to head back to Ashdale. Once you're there, be sure to activate the new lodestone for future access.

Via a new entrance in the north-west corner of the island, you'll be able to access a new combat area, populated with crassians ready for a scrap - great for low-level combat training. You'll also find a dead man's chest, that allows you replay the quest's final boss fight.

Prevail against the boss, and you'll net yourself more black pearls, which can be used for a level-scaled chunk of bonus XP in the skill of your choice.

Note that members can get two of these pearls per week, and both can be used on the same day. Free players can get one per week. The pearls from the quest can still only be used once per day.

Back on Dry Land

We've also added a big batch of content to the Path System. Once you're done with Gudrik's initial path content, the Path tab will switch to the Choose Your Path system. This offers guidance for a range of different tastes. Combat, skilling, questing - whichever you like best, Choose Your Path has advice on where to find the RuneScape's finest content.

Open up the 'Adventures' interface and select the 'Path' tab to see the choice that's on offer.

Riding High

The Ninja Team have snuck in a few new rewards for the hiscores, and for owners of the max and completionist capes.

Firstly, we've introduced a new title - 'the Supreme' - for those who've reached number one on selected seasonal hiscore tables.

Next up, the top 100 players in future seasonal hiscores will have access to the hiscore's reward title - not just the first-place player. The first-place player will get a special gold version of the title to show off their achievement, though.

Finally, we've added two new titles - 'Maxed' and 'the Completionist' - for owners of the max and completionist capes respectively. Note that you'll need to equip (or remove and re-equip) the cape to unlock its title.


There's new combat content for everyone here, all-important guidance for players wondering what to do next, and more ways than ever to show off what you've achieved. As always, let us know your thoughts over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

Read about the rest of today's updates in the patch notes.

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