Road to Elf City - Episode 1

Road to Elf City - Episode 1 is the first in a series of fortnightly videos, giving you a player's-eye tour of Prifddinas as the long-awaited city takes shape.

Every two weeks for the near future, Road to Elf City will be released in place of the usual Friday Behind the Scenes video, giving you street-by-street previews of Prifddinas's layout, landmarks and environments.

Watch now for a first taste of what awaits you when the city gates open!

Please note that the July edition of the Behind the Scenes news post and video will be released on Friday the 4th of July.

Next week's game update is focused on improving the Pest Control minigame's rewards, along with some tweaks to its interfaces, combat balance and environments.

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The RuneScape Video Team

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