RuneFest 2014

RuneFest 2014

We’re back! The biggest, most spectacular, real-life RuneScape event to ever be created. This is RuneFest 2014!

Set to be the most amazing RuneFest to date, it’s only right that our planning has already begun. We’ve trawled through pages of feedback, held countless meetings, reviewed mountains of player suggestions, and we’ve agreed on some key details that you’ll all be dying to know.

RuneFest - for those who aren’t aware - is an annual real life RuneScape event, hosted officially by Jagex. It provides our most passionate players with an opportunity to meet, chat to and party with their favourite Jagex Mods.

It also gives us an amazing platform to announce our plans for the year ahead, reflect back on the community’s achievements and successes, and to really celebrate the wonderful community we’ve all helped to build for well over a decade now.

RuneFest 2014 will be the most explosive, revealing, and action-packed event yet. As with every RuneFest, we’re going all out with the activities we host, the talks we give, the after (and night before) party we run, and everything else in between.

While we are still in the planning stages, there’s a whole host of ideas being thrown around, and we’d love for you to join in the conversation on the forums.

We know how important it is to get information to you early, so we’re excited to share these juicy details with you:

  • Event date: Saturday 11th October (night-before party: 10th October)
  • Event location: Tobacco Dock, London, United Kingdom
  • Event price: £99 – Full One Day Pass

Those of you who attended last year will notice the location is the same. Tobacco Dock was an excellent venue, and with all this extra time to plan and prepare, we know we can turn it into something even more special. Heck, you probably won’t realise it’s the same place!

Be sure to keep up with all the news on the official forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Mod Jane
The RuneScape Community Team

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