RuneFest 2014 - Tickets on Sale Monday 28th July

Tickets to RuneFest 2014 go on sale on Monday 28th July.

Remember: this year, you can get your RuneFest tickets free, stock up on Crystal Coins to buy food and merchandise at the event, and even pay for a twin room in a nearby hotel - with RuneScape Bonds.

Read our recent news post and visit our FAQ for details, if you haven't already. There's no better way to enjoy the biggest RuneScape event of the year, so start saving your Bonds now!

If you'd prefer to pay more traditionally, tickets will also be on sale for ú99 from 11am BST. Tickets will be available from

Ticket, hotel room and purchases through Bonds will become available once Monday's game update goes live.

Mark the 28th in your calendar. RuneFest 2014's shaping up to be the mother of all RuneScape events - be sure you don't miss out!

The RuneFest Team

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