Skillchompas and Legacy Mode Poll

Skillchompas and Legacy Mode Poll

Today, RuneScape hunters can catch skillchompas, bringing some bang to resource gathering with extra XP and skill-specific bonuses.

We've also opened up our Legacy Mode Poll. If you're a free player with an account created before 2013 - or a RuneScape member - you can now have your say on whether Legacy Mode should be added to the live game, once it’s spent more time in beta.

Read on for more information, or log into RuneScape now!


What's cute, furry, and explodes in an XP-giving shower of viscera? A skillchompa!

RuneScape members can start catching skillchompas from level 27 Hunter, using box traps. They can then be wielded as tools while gathering materials, from level 31 Divination, Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting.

Gathering while wielding a skillchompa replaces your usual action, so you'll lob the hapless rodent at the skilling spot rather than gathering in the traditional way. Unorthodox it may be, but this gives a number of awesome skilling advantages.

Firstly, each successful skillchompa gathering action gives 10% of the base XP, on top of the XP for the action itself. Even if you're unsuccessful, the skillchompa will still give you a little XP.

Next, skillchompas give specific benefits, depending on which skill they're used for:

  • Divination: +3-15% chance to get enriched memories when harvesting wisps (not including protoplasmic or Mah wisps).
  • Fishing: +1-4% chance to catch fish.
  • Mining and Woodcutting: advantages equivalent to those given by mithril-to-dragon hatchets and pickaxes.

The bonuses above increase depending on which of the four types of skillchompa you use: cobalt, viridian, azure and crimson. The skillchompa types have increasingly higher Hunter and gathering skill requirements - take a look at wiki or the in-game Skill Advance Guide for full details.

Log in now and catch some skillchompas for skilling with a boom!

Mod Nexus and the RuneScape Team

Legacy Mode Poll - Now Open

The poll to vote on Legacy Mode is now live!

While we intend to spend at least a few more weeks ironing out the remaining issues on the beta servers, we want you to have your say, now that you’ve seen our vision for Legacy Mode.

For the next seven days, free-to-play accounts created before January 2013 and all members can have their say. If the vote passes, we’re hoping Legacy Mode will be ready for the main game in July or August.

Undecided? Find out more about the recent batch of updates we've made to the beta, and what will be included in Legacy Mode. Please note that the EoC changes also on the beta servers will be going in to the live game irrespective of the outcome of the Legacy poll.

Head into game now to cast your vote. Just head to the Community interface and select the 'Vote Now!' tab to find the poll.

Got any questions? Check out the FAQ or head to the forums.

The RuneScape Team

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