Solomon’s General Store – Boss Outfits

Solomon’s General Store – Boss Outfits

Greetings, adventurer.

Now you can dress like a boss with my latest outfits. These two deadly-looking override sets even boast impressive visual upgrades for the bravest of you.

When you purchase either outfit in my store you will receive an impressive base version. Go forth and defeat the boss on which your outfit is based five times to unlock the upgraded versions - complete with gigantic wings, particle effects, and more!

Outfit 1: King Black Dragon – sinister and glaring, this draconic outfit will have your adversaries hot under the collar!

King Black Dragon Outfit Attuned King Black Dragon Outfit

Outfit 2: Nex – a sleek, fanged offering, this demonic delight will give you an air of ancient power!

King Nex Outfit Attuned Nex Outfit

Both Boss outfits are available in my shop now, come on in for a closer look. You can get more RuneCoins to use in my shop by redeeming Bonds in-game, by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ when you’re in my store, or by visiting our billing page directly.

Drop by the store in game to say hello soon. You can find me just south of Varrock's Grand Exchange!

Until next time,


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