The Drop - LIVE!

Think you know more RuneScape trivia than all your friends? This Sunday you’ll have your chance to prove it when we head over to The Drop - LIVE!

Mods Ana and James will be your hosts for RuneScape’s most ruthless quiz. Get one question wrong and you’re headed straight down! Stick it out to the end, however, and we’ll be sure to throw some epic prizes your way.

Want to see what you’re letting yourself in for? Take a look at our recent Behind The Scenes video to find out more.

Listen to our latest podcast, too, where Mod Matthe quizzes Mod James about The Drop. He also catches up with Mod Deg about the recent drop table reworks.

So whether you’re keen to jump in game and take part, or just fancy watching your fellow players falling to The Drop on stream, head over to the RuneScape Twitch channel, live from 8pm GMT, Sunday 18th January.

Mod Simon
Live Streaming Team

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