This Week In RuneScape - Double XP LIVE

This Week In RuneScape - Double XP LIVE

Double XP LIVE begins at the end of this week – and while you wait, we've got a super-mysterious livestream for you to speculate about. Keep reading to learn more!

Double XP LIVE: Starting this Friday!

It's HAPPENING! From this Friday you'll have 48 hours of precious Double XP time to spend however you wish until March 1st. The ever-popular Pause Timer is returning, too, so feel free to take a break for some friendly minigames or whatnot.

Got questions? We've got answers! Check out the Double XP LIVE FAQ page to find out everything you need to know before the big day.

Zodi-Yak & Yak to the Shadows reward items are now available in the Oddments Store

For the first time ever, various items from the Zodi-yak Track and Yak to the Shadows are available in the Oddments Store. There's twelve items in total, which we've helpfully shuffled into a table for easy reference:

Track Item Category Cost
Zodi-Yak Sheratan Mercenary Outfit 15,000
Zodi-Yak Dioscuri Battlemage Outfit 10,000
Zodi-Yak Equuis Archer Outfit 7,500
Zodi-Yak Cosmic Billy Pet 15,000
Zodi-Yak Yaktrik Evenmoore Pet 5,000
Zodi-Yak Dioscuri Sentinel Pet 8,000
Zodi-Yak Cosmic Weaver Teleport Animation 3,500
Zodi-Yak Cosmic Trance Rest Animation Animation 3,500
Yak to the Shadows Monolith Teleport Animation 3,500
Yak to the Shadows Moorissey Pet 15,000
Yak to the Shadows Mollik the Great Pet 10,000
Yak to the Shadows Herald of Fate Outfit 7,500

Official Merch Store Update

Dust devils aren't the only reason to wear a facemask! These awesome RuneScape-themed face coverings are sure to impress the colourful characters you encounter on your real-life adventures.

And don't forget, you can still pre-order the 20th Anniversary Tutorial Island Pin! Looking for more nostalgia? You're in luck, because the RS Classic Logo Pin and the Mini Runes pin collection are now in stock!

Browse the full collection in the Official Merch Store!

Ninja Strikes: Extra Polish


  • Updated the tooltip for the Medium and Hard Desert Area Task Achievements to reflect changes made to the Sceptre of the Gods.


  • Fixed an issue which stopped players from completing the 'You Know you Want it!' Medium Fremennik Area Task Achievement.
  • Fixed an issue which was blocking progression during A Fairy Tale Part II.
  • Corrected two typos in the Tortle Combat miniquest.
  • The evil magic and evil elder trees are now correctly caught by the 'Hide members' filter.
  • Hotfixed – Items used to recharge the Sceptre of the Gods now have double recharge value if the player has completed the Hard Desert Area Tasks.



  • Fixed an issue with the dark green edges of the terrain near Taverley lake.
  • After opening the 'rocky outcrop', the cave model will be displayed without duplicating the door.
  • The target info panel is now displayed correctly for training dummies.
  • Animations will now play while using the Summoning obelisk on a horizontal facing plot at the Clan Citadel.
  • It's no longer possible to see through the stones in the Nature Altar.

Unexpected Behaviour


  • Items will no longer float in the air when dropped in the Menaphos Port District.
  • The fireplace during 'A Tale of Two Cats' will now behave correctly.



  • Great Gielinor Run attempts will no longer fail when going through leaf traps in Tirannwn or the underground passage between Catherby and Taverley.
  • Your Backpack will no longer be brought to the front during the Mining and Smithing sequence on Tutorial Island.
  • Players can now craft the Catalytic Wand by using the Spinebeam Wand on the Daemonheim RuneCrafting altar.
  • Martin the Master Gardener now has a dialogue option to convert the new Farming Skillcape into the old version.
  • Closing a coffin in the Spirit Realm will now prompt the correct message.
  • Fixed an issue with effects being active on ships that returned from a failed voyage.
  • Vindicta and Gorvek will now face the player when below 100,000 HP.
  • Casting NPC Contact via Spellbook Swap will now immediately return to the previous spellbook.
  • RuneMetrics now properly tracks Vorago kills.
  • Equipping the Scarlet Thief's Mask override no longer changes your hairstyle.

J-Mod Livestreams

16th February | 17:00 Game Time | ⬢ ◆ ▼ ⯂

Creative Corner


Yes, that's what we're calling it! This week's featured video is this extremely comprehensive guide to tackling Raksha, courtesy of The RS Guy! It's got all the tips and tricks you'll need to take on our newest boss.

Awesome Art

This fiery artwork by Magenixy shows Char's transformation! We love the contrasting colours and that wistful look in Char's eyes. Hot stuff!

Scaper's Screenshots

By... oh Lily ♡ |

By OutOfHerMind

Community Corner

Pink Skirts Event

This week's featured Pink Skirts Event will take you deep into the God Wars Dungeon, where you'll face Nex: Angel of Death! Your fearless leaders Spotleewolf and Nexaodmass will be leading the charge.

To join the battle, head to the Ancient Prison on World 92 this Wednesday February 17th from 17:00 – 18:00 Game Time. And to see more Pink Skirts events, check out their page!

Community Shout-Out

Today we're shining the spotlight on a fairly new group of 'scapers: the RuneScape Steam community! Steam's a lively platform filled with discussions, screenshots, artwork, and more! So go on, have a peek at this much overlooked community hub.

The RuneScape Team
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