Treasure Hunter – Lucky Clover Necklaces

Treasure Hunter – Lucky Clover Necklaces

Unlock a Treasure Hunter chest from 01:00 BST on the 4th of July to 00:59 BST on the 15th of July for a chance to win one of the lucky clover necklaces, which give you the chance to win awesome, rare prizes, and boost your XP gain too!

How Does It Work?

There are two types of necklace to win: the shiny lucky clover necklace and the sparkling lucky clover necklace, and each necklace will be made from either a two-leaf, three-leaf, or four-leaf clover.

When worn, all varieties of necklace give their wearer a bonus to XP gain: 1%, 2% or 3%, depending on how many leaves they have.

For every 10 minutes of skilling or combat, the necklace also gives you a chance to win a prize. That's 2.5%, 10% or 25% for the two, three and four-leaf varieties, respectively. If you don't win a prize, you'll still get a small cash bag.

Each time you get a prize or a small cash bag, one of the necklace's 10 charges is expended. Once these are up, the necklace no longer gives XP or prizes.

Note that the necklaces cannot be recharged. However, they will continue to work for as long as they have charges remaining - there's no time limit in which to use them up.


All six varieties of necklaces share a main drop table, which includes magic notepaper, Silverhawk feathers, a rare chance to win 10 million coins, and more!

The shiny and sparkling necklace types have their own rare drops as well, which could be yours if you're extra lucky!

Shiny lucky clover necklaces can net you some amazing rare prizes, including S’quirks the Parrot, huge prismatic stars, lucky divine spirit shields and lucky Saradomin Godswords!

Sparkling lucky clover necklaces can give their own awesome rare loot too, including Silverhawk boots, lucky Armadyl armour, Skully, and the serpentine two-handed crossbow!

Shiny necklaces can be won from 01:00 BST on 4th July to 00:59 BST on 10th July, and sparkling necklaces can be won from 01:00 BST on 10th July and 00:59 on 15th July.

Full details of each necklace can be found on the RuneScape wiki:

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and if you’re a RuneScape member you’ll get two! You can also earn more through gameplay – simply visit the wiki to find out how, and to learn a little more about Treasure Hunter too.

You can buy more Keys via the website, redeem Bonds in-game, or simply click ‘Buy Keys’ when you’re in Treasure Hunter.

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