TWIR: Ninja Strike 14

TWIR: Ninja Strike 14

In this week's update, the Ninjas have been getting up to mischief with fish (both of the jelly and regular variety) and Wiki functionality! Find out all about it in the Game News and Patch Notes tabs, then get yourself over to the Community Tab for a cheeky preview of Construction Contracts and some amazing player artwork.

We're going Wiki wild in this week's update with another Ninja Strike! In other news, we've got a special preview of Construction Contracts, a range of new lines in the Merch Store, and an important change to Oddments.

Ninja Strike 14: Wiki Functionality and More!

The Ninjas have hit the books this week to bring you more visible Wiki functionality, plus loads of other quality of life changes. We're also welcoming a new recruit to the Dojo - read on to meet them!

Wiki Functionality

As you know, you can type '/wiki' into the Chat Box to learn about all kinds of topics at the press of a button - but we reckon it would be nice if that functionality was even easier to access. In this week's strike, the Ninjas have added a new Wiki button to the right-hand side of the Chat Box. Just click the button (or assign a key bind), type in your search term, and away you'll go!

Of course, those of you who like to do things the old-fashioned way will still be able to use the existing '/wiki' feature.

And those of you who like to do things the really old-fashioned way can find the full RuneScape Wiki right here. Enjoy!

General QoL

We don't know who this 'General QoL' fella is, but he comes up an awful lot, so he must be one of the Ninjas' greatest foes!

This week they've undermined his nefarious deeds in the following ways:

Jellyfish Stitching

Got partially eaten Jellyfish hanging around your Backpack? That's super gross, but here's something even grosser - from today's update, you'll be able to squish them back into one big jellyfish snack with the help of either War or a fisherman in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Mmm... slimy!

Fish Deposits

Sticking with the maritime theme, you can now 'Deposit all' fish in the Menaphos VIP and Port area Deposit Boxes and Banks, just like you can in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Hopefully they've got a bag of ice in there...

...and more!

This week's Patch Notes contain all you need to know about this week's Ninja Strike. Go take a look! We'll wait!

A New Ninja?

A new Ninja! Mod Frosch has joined the fight as a Junior Content Developer. So heat up the sake and give a warm Ninja welcome, please!

Construction Contracts Preview Livestream

Join our J-Mods as they clamber over the scaffolding of Construction Contracts and lay out the blueprints of this new, exciting way to train Construction.

You can join the stream on the RuneScape Twitch channel at 17:00 Game Time on November 10th. Don't forget your hard hat!

Prime Gaming

There's a brand new drop waiting for those of you who've linked your RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts! This month, you'll get 7 days of membership - just the thing for taking full advantage of Double XP LIVE.

Find out more on this page.

Oddments Store Item Limits

As part of our ongoing efforts to balance the game, the following Oddments Store items are now subject to a daily maximum buy cap:

  1. Medium prismatic lamps: 30/day
  2. Medium prismatic stars: 50/day
  3. Pulse cores: 40/day
  4. Cinder cores: 40/day
  5. Small protean packs: 30/day
  6. Keys: 30/day

The cap resets every day, after which point you'll be able to purchase these items up to the cap once more.

Golden Gnome Awards

For those of you who missed our post last week, we'd like to apologise once again for the unavoidable delay of this year's Golden Gnome Awards.

The new date for the all-dancing, all-digital ceremony is Friday, November 20th at 19:00 Game Time. We'll see you there!

Merch Store

Okay, it might not officially be winter yet - thank you, Reddit community - but that doesn't mean we can't get that Christmas spirit going! In the Official Merch Store, we've got a whole stocking full of treats!

First up, we have three new RuneScape-y designs in our popular deskmat range: the Queen Black Dragon, Nomad, and Mah.

Next up, we’ve got a cosy new piece of apparel: the PK Skull Varsity Jacket!

And in case you missed it, tracked shipping is now available on all Merch Store orders. Spend over £80 (that's $100 for our neighbours across the pond) and you'll get tracked shipping for free.

Check out the full range here, on the Official Merch Store.

The Ninja Team were at it again this week, striking down fiddly Wiki commands, doing weird science on a bunch of jellyfish, and frantically stuffing fish into Deposit Boxes. Shall we see what all that was about?

Ninja Strike 14

Wiki Integration

  • A new Wiki button has been added to the right-hand side of the Chat input box.
    • Click the button to activate a search, then type in the terms you'd like to look up. Simples!
  • This mimics the existing '/wiki' feature but makes the functionality much more visible.
  • On desktop, the button can be toggled on and off in the Messages and Social menu, under Chat Customisation.
    • Desktop users can also keybind the button in the Controls interface.
  • On mobile, the button is located on the left menu when in fullscreen chat mode.
  • The size of the Chat input box has been slightly increased on desktop to make room for the new Wiki button.

Known Issues

We are aware of an issue where the right-hand portion of the Wiki button won't register clicks if the 'Click-through Chat Boxes' setting is toggled on. We are working to rectify this.

General QoL

Tutorial Island


  • The Chat window is now cleared of preliminary log-in messages when arriving in the main game from Tutorial Island.
  • The mobile toplevel UI is now gradually revealed as the player makes progress on Tutorial Island. Mysterious!
  • The text in the Minimap tutorial is now less ambiguous.
  • A pair of obstructive chairs have been removed from the starting area on Tutorial Island.
  • An overlay which cycles between the Core Camera and Interaction controls has been added to Tutorial Island, replacing the preliminary Camera pop-up which could be dismissed permanently.
  • As they were too frequent before, 'Achievement Complete' pop-ups no longer occur for Path Achievements. Completing an entire path (with the exception of the Tutorial Island Path) will still trigger the completion pop-up.
  • The RuneScape Guide has been re-named Reginald, to make it clear who you're supposed to speak to.
    • Likewise, the Survival Expert is now named Brynna.
    • Both of the above will now wave to attract your attention.
  • Interacting with the door near the RuneScape Guide no longer forcewalks you into conversation but will still remind you of your objective.
    • Interacting with the tree near the Survival Expert will do the same.
  • The initial camera zoom when starting Tutorial Island is now zoomed out further.
  • Input terminology on Tutorial Island has been updated to comply with mobile gesture compliance guidelines.
  • Activity Tracker instructions during the Survival Expert section of Tutorial Island are now clearer.
  • Woodcutting and Fishing on Tutorial Island will now immediately display an overhead message to notify the user, instead of a delayed objbox.
  • The Activity Tracker parent tab is now locked while on Tutorial Island.

Orthen Dig Site



  • The pyramids in Xolo City will no longer have 'Interact' options if the mystery has been progressed.



  • Unchecking the 'Show Complete' checkbox on the Achievement interface will now remove completed steps in Achievement dropdowns, making it much easier to see what you have left to complete - super useful for those completing cape Achievements.
  • The Feats subcategory in the Achievement interface has been upgraded to a full category, with sub-categories for hidden Achievements such as Clue Logs, Boss Logs, Slayer Logs, the silver and gold Warden titles, and breeding the Player Owned Farm Ravensworn traits.
  • A 'Boss Pets' subcategory has been added to the Achievement system and can be found in the 'Combat' category. Completing boss subcategories is no longer dependent on getting a rare pet drop.
  • Changed the prerequisite quest for the 'Kitty Litter' Achievement from Rat Catchers to Gertrude's Cat, as you can use a kitten as well as an adult cat.
  • Updated the text in the 'What's Mine is Also Doric' Achievement to have the correct Smithing requirement.
  • Removed extraneous quote characters surrounding the names of the 16 Menaphos insect collection objects.
  • Changed the skill requirement for the 'Not Waving but Drowning' Achievement - it now requires 57 RuneCrafting.
  • 'The General's Shadow' Achievement has been removed as a requirement for the Quest Cape Achievement because it prevented players from claiming their Quest Cape.
  • At the request of players, the 'Mobilise This' Achievement has been reinstated.
  • The 'Death Plateau' and 'Druidic Ritual' Achievements are now completed if the pre-rework versions of these reworked quests are complete. (The 'Wolf Whistle' Achievement already supports the pre-rework version.)
  • The 'Supply and Demand' Achievement now references the Death Plateau Achievement instead of the quest so that the pre-rework version is a valid prerequisite.
  • The TzHaar boss collection log has been renamed 'TzTok-Jad and Har-Aken' to avoid confusion with the TzHaar Slayer Collection Log, which was added afterwards.
  • The 'Who Wants to Watch the Watchtower?' Achievement now requires completion of the Watchtower quest.
  • The 'Properly Metal' Achievement now includes The World Wakes as a prerequisite quest.
  • Titles earned from Player Owned Ports will no longer remove themselves upon log in.




  • Gesture icons have been added to mobile interaction and camera controls popups, and the mobile controls primer.
  • Some text has been shortened in the 'Welcome to RuneScape Mobile!' Controls interface to address localisation issues.



  • Trees around Gielinor have been de-spookified.
  • The Draynor Manor grounds have been de-spookified as much as possible, although the spine-tingling graphical rework remains.

In this week's Community Tab, you can catch up on Construction Contracts, chill to some player-made Rune Tunes, and learn a top-secret Wiki tip!


J-Mod Livestreams

Tuesday November 10th | 17:00 Game Time | Construction Contracts In-Depth

You know the premise, now nail down the details! Join our J-Mods for an in-depth look at Construction Contracts. All (or at least most of) your questions will be answered!

Featured Streamer

Our featured streamer this week is Woutiiee, who'll be going live on Wednesday November 11th at 12:00 game time to polish off the last couple of gear upgrades for his Ironman. Expect Elite Dungeons, Nex: AOD, Solak, and maybe even a couple of clue scrolls.

Join the fun on Woutiiee's Twitch channel!

RuneScape Wiki Tip

Psst... wanna hear a secret?

If you press the 📣 icon on the main page of the Wiki (or just, y'know, visit this link) you'll be taken to a feed of all kinds of curated RuneScape news, including developer tweets, newspost updates and more! It's a great way to keep up with what's going on.

Creative Corner

Steam Screenshots

by MrZiiGGY

by Zerstörer

by renzooo

Awesome Art

Happy (belated) Birthday, Prezleek! You may not be celebrating with a Golden Gnome this year, but at least Mavrick882 has drawn this scrumptious looking cake. Don't suppose there's any left for us starving newspost writers, is there? No? Worth a shot.

All we've got to say about this is: WOW. WE LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Sw1tchbl4de has done an incredible job! Look at the colours! The expressions! Amazing job all 'round.

Rune Tunes

It's time to settle our nerves with this hauntingly beautiful elven-style piece by Gawkie, fittingly titled 'A Rest in Prifddinas'. We love listening to player-made tracks, so if you've got the audacity - or indeed, the Audacity - to make one, send it our way!


Pink Skirts Event

For this week's Pink Skirts Event, better bring your A-game, because you're taking on the Kalphite King! Join Dj Whiggsy and Capt Obv this Tuesday, November 10th from 20:00 - 21:00 Game Time on World 68 to join in the fun!

For more details, add Dj Whiggsy to your Friends' List or check out the full list of Pink Skirts events here.

The RuneScape Team

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