Wilderness Reborn & New Quest - This Week In RuneScape

Wilderness Reborn & New Quest - This Week In RuneScape

The Wilderness enters a new era this week with a fresh look and a fiendish new PvM system. We've also put an exciting new quest in there – so you've got the perfect excuse to take a look around! Read on for all the details, plus new merch, community updates and more.

Graphical and Gameplay Update: Wilderness
It's a new PvM era for the Wildy!

An iconic location gets a major revamp today – it’s time to return to the Wilderness!

The area has a new PvM focus, a ‘Threat’ system that adapts to your unique style, a high-risk-high-reward Slayer experience, and a new opt-in system for PvP!

And it’s not just gameplay that’s changing – we’ve brought the look and feel of the place up to date with improved graphics, as well as new hazards to keep you on your toes.

Yes, what was once a PvP warzone has now become a high-risk, high-reward PvM area. Our goal is for the Wilderness to be the best way to train Slayer, with the highest enemy density and rewards.

As you spend more time in the Wilderness completing activities or Slayer tasks, your Threat level will rise. As your Threat level rises, your risk of death increases - but you'll earn Slayer streak bonuses in the process. This will give you opportunities to snag Reaper Points and shiny new rewards!

Looking for a good place to start? Head to Mandrith, who is now located at the Pirate House, to begin your Slayer tasks. You’ll need Slayer 95+, Combat 120+.

Still, hankering for good ol’ PvP? Speak to Vala at the border of the Wilderness to opt-in and get that iconic Wilderness Skull. Any Skulled player can attack other players who have their Skull enabled.

Phew, big changes for the Wildy! Want to know more? Check out the newspost for all the granular details: https://RS.Game/WildernessReborn

An important message about the early hours of this update...

It’s pretty major work to take a significant area of the game and transform the way it looks and operates. An update like this will therefore bring with it some risks. We want to be ready – even over-prepared – for the unexpected.

When the update deploys, we will be taking our Worlds down for a few minutes to take a snapshot: a picture of your account, who owns what, etc.

If any major issues occur, we will then have this snapshot to roll back to if absolutely necessary.

For this reason, we recommend that up until 16:00 Game Time you do not take part in any activities where you might gain something valuable that would be painful to lose.

Again, we don't expect anything bad to happen, but it may be best to remain cautious!

New Quest: Daughter of Chaos
A world without gods...

As the new Wilderness is revealed, our Legacy of Zamorak storyline begins in earnest with a new quest – Daughter of Chaos.

If you’ve not been following the recent Zamorak craic, or aren’t quite ready to face the daunting Elder God season first, this is the perfect jumping-in point for the whole storyline!

This new quest will have you exploring the Wilderness to investigate rumours of a Zamorakian Civil War. Complete the job and you’ll be rewarded with Wilderness buffs including a 10% damage reduction and 5% damage increase against monsters.

Start the quest by speaking to Adrasteia in Falador Castle Throne Room. You'll need 40 Archaeology and 40 Divination to get started, with no other requirements. Easy!

Merch Store Drop
Treasures of the Kharidian

Get ready to be transported to the Kharidian Desert with the latest pins and keyrings from Angels Scapes! Find them in the Cities of RuneScape range at the Official Merch Store here!.

  • Sq'irk Mini Pin Set: A set of slightly sq'irky, er, we mean, quirky, fruits from the Sorceress's Garden!
  • Green Slayer Helm: A Slayer Helmet recoloured with the head of the Kalphite Queen.
  • Infinity Robes Pin, Light Infinity Robes Pin, Dark Infinity Robes Pin: Mystical robes obtained from the Mage Training Arena, with a light recolour and a dark recolour, now in pin form!
  • Kebab Pin: The delicious camel-based delicacy of Al Kharid - yum!
  • Ring of Dueling Keyring: This handy item may not actually teleport you to Castle Wars or the Emir's Arena, but at least it won't crumble into anything after eight uses...

Recurring Maintenance
New changes to our schedule

In order to best maintain the services that power RuneScape, we're introducing a recurring maintenance window to health check all our systems and ensure everything is optimal.

This week's maintenance will take place at 10:30am Game Time on Wednesday, August 3rd. We expect the maintenance to last between 2-3 hours.

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update


  • Fixed an issue where Super Mining Potions would be renamed Mining Potions after consuming a dose.
  • Viewing products in the Oddments Store will no longer cause crashes and log players out of the game.
  • Gathering from decaying guards outside of Croesus no longer cancels the action after successfully gathering an item.

Requirements Changes

In the coming months, RuneScape will no longer support Windows 32-bit builds or graphics cards that do not support OpenGL 3.0 or higher. This change allows us to focus our technical development and testing resources on more commonly-used platforms.

For more information, and to check if your system meets these requirements, head here.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

@Enkoro vibing with the whole squad of skill pets. Aren't they an adorable bunch?

u/Curzio-Malaparte's wife definitely has 99 Runecrafting to have made these amazing cufflinks!

@Casilliio is all tuckered out from being carried! We love to see a Studio Ghibli tribute (a Ghiblute?)

@Mk ... really didn't need to call us out like that!

Scapers' Screenshots

Elej out for a pleasant afternoon stroll. Serene!

u/raceice19 reached their 120 Herblore goal and captured this wonderful image to celebrate! Congratulations!

Ganglord Cyan has gotten on the wrong side of the Aviansie! Oops...

Zlayer captured this ominous image of the Wizards' Tower. Very imposing!

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Town Square Q&A

  • Hosted by: Lynxlynx & Saphhirra
  • Date/Time: Monday August 1st, 19:15 Gametime
  • World: 3
  • Location: Varrock West Bank

Mega Duck Hunt

  • Hosted by: Steve20058 & Mega Duck
  • Date/Time: Wednesday August 3rd, 19:00 Gametime
  • World: 39
  • Location: Falador Park
  • FC: Mega Duck


  • Hosted by: M e r c y & Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Thursday August 4th, 12:00 Gametime
  • World: 35
  • Location: The Heart of Gielinor - Sliske Lobby
  • FC: Helpscape

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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