Winter Weekends - Dungeoneering

Winter Weekends - Dungeoneering

Winter Weekend number 3 is an early Christmas present for dedicated dungeon delvers everywhere.

From 12:00 GMT on 19th December until 12:00 GMT on 22nd December, there's a range of Dungeoneering benefits on offer for those adventuring in Daemonheim:

  • Double tokens from both regular dungeoneering and Sinkholes
  • Base Sinkholes lamp XP increased by 50%
  • 10% cheaper weapon repairs at the Daemonheim trader
  • No score penalty for dying

Remember that you also get the following benefits for Player-Owned Ports for the rest of December:

  • All Ports voyages return 30% extra trade goods or resources
  • 25 voyages a day instead of 15

Donate a Bond to Oxfam and you'll unlock the Oxfam Festive Aura bauble - an item that can reset the XP-giving Festive Aura once per weekend day, doubling its benefits.

Note that Ironman and Hardcore Ironman players cannot benefit from any of the above.

Enjoy braving Daemonheim's murky depths this weekend - and have a very merry Christmas!

The RuneScape Team

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