2024 Player Survey: Help Shape Our Future

2024 Player Survey: Help Shape Our Future

Shaping The Future Roadmap

Let's talk 2025 and beyond. Yes, we know, we only just gave you a look at the rest of 2024! However, there's an important part of our future we haven't yet discussed... you!

We're launching the 2024 RuneScape Player Survey, which is all about bringing your voice into our Roadmap design process. Through the questions in this survey you'll play a key part in shaping our 2025 Roadmap, as well as influencing some of the design decisions we'll make for this year's content. We're so excited to approach a Roadmap that brings your perspectives in at the ground floor of planning, and we hope you are too.

To get involved in the survey, click the big button below. It'll take around 15-30 minutes, but by the end, you'll have played a key part in making sure RuneScape's future content is guided by players. Thank you for your time and energy, as always!

This Survey will be closed at 18:00 pm BST on May 22nd

- The RuneScape Team

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