An Introduction to Farming 120

An Introduction to Farming 120
  1. The Ranch Out of Time
  2. Farming Guild
  3. New Crops And How To Get Their Seeds
  4. Skill Guide Unlocks
  5. Mega Produce
  6. Primal Feasts

Hello little turnips, pumpkins, and root vegetables of all kinds! Itís time for the most agrestic, most majestic update of the year Ė Farming 120!

For those who aren't as familiar with RuneScape's skilling system, this means we're raising the Farming level cap from 99 all the way up to 120. But we've made sure there's plenty of soil-toiling and green fingered frivolity to keep you busy on the way there.

The Ranch Out of Time

The Potterington family have expanded their operation to Anachronia! Head to the west side of the island and click the Magic Tree to hop across to The Ranch Out of Time, where Prehistoric Potterington and Stan the Sheepdog have set up shop raising reptiles of all shapes and sizes.

There are a total of 14 new animals to raise, all with their own unique perks. Weíve gathered a few of them for your perusal Ė but youíll have to figure the others out for yourself!

Animal Perk
Oculi Apoterrasaur A 3% chance of receiving an extra piece of meat when skinning a Big Game Hunter creature. Raised to 5% at Tier 2.
Bagrada Rex 5% chance per tier to conserve a bomb when thrown.
Malletops Increases the duration of Barricade by 1.8 seconds per tier.
Varanusaur 10% chance per tier to make 4 doses instead 3 doses when mixing Weapon Poison or Antipoison potions.
Corbicula Rex Increases the Critical Hit chance of Meteor Strike by 20% per tier.

As you level up, youíll be able to build small, medium, and large pens to hold them in Ė as well as a specially reinforced breeding pen for, well, you know. Regular old planks and nails arenít quite strong enough to contain these mighty beasties, so youíll need to use native materials to build the pens:

Name Deed Cost (in beans) Farming Level Construction Level Material Cost (Wood, Vines, Stone)
Small Pen 100 42 45 1000 of each
Medium Pen 500 76 80 25,000 of each
Large Pen 1 1,000 98 90 75,000 of each
Large Pen 2 1,000 104 90 75,000 of each
Breeding Pen 1,000 42 55 100,000 of each

The existing Player Owned Farm collection log has been expanded to fit all the new animals, including their variants. Can you collect them all?

If youíve been partaking in skilling activities around The Land Out of Time, you might already have a few dinosaur eggs to start off with. If not, you can buy frogs and salamanders from the Farm Shop in The Ranch Out of Time.

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Farming Guild

Meanwhile, back on Manor Farm, thereís been all kinds of agrarian action going on. For one thing, the upstairs of Grannyís house has been transformed into an all-new, all-purpose Farming Guild.

Farming Requests

The most important function of the Farming Guild is to help novice farmers get on their feet with regular deliveries of supplies from their most productive guild member Ė which is you, of course! For every request you complete, youíll earn Reputation.

Youíll get three types of request throughout the week.

  • Easy requests, which refresh every day
  • Medium requests, which refresh every three days
  • Hard requests, which refresh every week
  • These requests ramp up in difficulty the longer it takes you to complete them, so the rewards you get increase with each tier, too. Completing Daily Requests will get you 2,750 Reputation. Three-Day Requests will get you 5,500 Reputation, and Weekly Requests will get you a whopping 13,750 Reputation!

    Farming Requests are also the only way to get hold of the rare Brassica Primer, a specialist tonic that will increase the XP gained from Farming patches by 10% for 15 minutes.


    Youíll gain Reputation when you gain XP from a patch (apart from when planting), harvest produce from an animal, or complete a Farming Request.

    So whatís Reputation good for, anyway? Well, for one thing, youíll unlock new rewards for your farm as you climb the tiers of Reputation. Take a look:

    Reputation Tier Amount of Rep required Unlock / Notes
    Beginner Farmer 0
    Apprentice Farmer 4,000 4th Spirit tree with 114 Farming
    Practiced Farmer 10,000 Hard Farming Requests available & Limpwurt Root yield is doubled
    Competent Farmer 25,000 Remote Farm Machine at the Farming Guild & Shiny animals sell for 10% more beans
    Expert Farmer 75,000 Less chance of animals getting ill & Small animal buyers will buy twice as many animals
    Master Farmer 225,000 Bloodwood tree at the Farming Guild & Medium animal buyers will buy twice as many animals
    Senior Master Farmer 1,100,000 5% increased chance of a shiny animal being born & Large animal buyers will buy twice as many animals
    Grandmaster Farmer 2,500,000 All animals sell for 10% more beans

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    New Crops And How To Get Their Seeds

    Of course, life on the farm isnít all about shovelling manure and tending to your adoring flock. This update also brings a bountiful harvest of new crop types.

    Cactus Patch

    A new cactus patch can be built in Anachronia. You can use it to grow regular cacti, but you can also grow dragonfruit and golden dragonfruit when you reach the appropriate level.

    New Fruits

    Feeling fruity? You can now grow avocados, ciku fruit, mangoes, guarana, lychees and carambola on bushes and trees all over Gielinor. Yummy yummy!


    The stinkshroom and tombshrooms are now available to grow and harvest. Just make sure you hold your nose around them.

    How to get seeds for these new crops?

    Here is an overview of what activities give which seeds:

    Grove Creatures Dragonfruit seeds
    Guarana tree seeds
    Avocado tree seeds
    Elite Clues Dragonfruit seeds
    Mango seeds
    Lychee seeds
    Guarana tree seeds
    Master Clues Golden Dragonfruit seeds
    Carambola seeds
    Pickpocketing Rogue Captains Dragonfruit seeds
    Mango seeds
    Stinkshroom spores
    Ciku tree seeds
    Big Game Hunter Golden Dragonfruit seeds
    Lychee seeds
    Stinkshroom spores
    Ciku tree seeds
    Guarana tree seeds
    Carambola seeds
    Dinosaur Slayer Avocado tree seeds
    Tombshroom spores
    Mango seeds
    Lychee seeds
    Harvesting Jadinkos Avocado tree seeds
    Stinkshroom spores
    Tombshroom spores
    Ciku tree seeds
    Triskellion Keys Carambola seeds
    Golden Dragonfruit seeds

    Money Tree

    From 99 Farming, youíll be able to obtain rare Money Tree seeds from birdís nests, the Crystal Chests in Prifddinas and Taverley, and the Triskelion Chest. Thereís also a chance to find Money Tree seeds while harvesting from patches and animals and completing Farming Requests.

    At 119 Farming, youíll be able to plant your hard-won seeds and grow a Money Tree of your very own!

    Skill Guide Unlocks

    Level Unlock Pen/Patch Type
    42 Raise Frogs on The Ranch Out of Time Small Pen
    76 Raise Jadinkos on The Ranch Out of Time Medium Pen
    95 Dragonfruit Cactus Patch
    97 Raise Varanusaurs on The Ranch Out of Time Medium Pen
    98 Raise Arcane Apoterrasaurs on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    99 Avocado Bush Patch
    100 Raise Brutish Dinosaurs on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    101 Ciku Fruit Fruit Tree Patch
    102 Raise Salamanders on The Ranch Out of Time Small Pen
    103 Stinkshroom Mushroom Patch
    104 Raise Scimitops on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    105 Mango Bush Patch
    106 Raise Bagrada Rexes on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    107 Guarana Fruit Tree Patch
    108 Raise Spicati Apoterrasaurs on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    109 Tombshroom Mushroom Patch
    110 Raise Asciatops on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    111 Lychee Bush Patch
    112 Raise Corbicula Rexes on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    113 Carambola Fruit Tree Patch
    114 4th Spirit Tree Spirit Tree Patch
    115 Raise Oculi Apoterrasaurs on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    116 Golden Dragonfruit Cactus Patch
    117 Raise Malletops on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    118 Raise Pavosaurus Rexes on The Ranch Out of Time Large Pen
    119 Money Tree Tree Patch
    120 True Skill Mastery --

    At 120 Farming, youíll unlock the 120 Master Cape, which gets you the following perks:

  • Farming patches are automatically super-composted
  • Once a day you can activate your cape on the farm to increase the happiness and health of all animals by 20%
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    Mega Produce

    By using a Potion of Harvest, you can produce vegetables that would knock the socks off of even the snootiest Village Fete judge. Your garden-variety greens will be transformed before your eyes into Mega Produce, which you can use to create Primal Feasts.

    Boring Regular Crops Mega Produce
    Potato Sweet Potato
    Cabbage Cannonball Cabbage
    Onion Red Onion
    Tomato Heirloom Tomato
    Strawberry White Strawberry
    Sweetcorn Rainbow Sweetcorn
    Watermelon Golden Watermelon

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    Primal Feasts

    Phew, Iím tuckered out after absorbing all that info, arenít you? How about we sit down and devour a Primal Feast?

    The Primal Feast is the new BiS food, but itís not easy to come by. Youíll need to use 99 Cooking to whip up three separate courses: Primal Starter, Primal Main, and Primal Dessert, and then combine all three into the Primal Feast with 115 Cooking. Of course, an entire Primal Feast is way too much to consume in one sitting, even for the hungriest dinosaur, so you'll be able to split it into four Primal Portions to consume at your leisure. Each Portion heals 2500hp.

    Here are the recipes:

    Primal Starter

  • Raw Oculi Apoterrasaur meat
  • Rainbow sweetcorn
  • Cannonball cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Primal Main

  • Raw Pavosaurus Rex meat
  • Raw Malletops meat
  • Red onion
  • Heirloom tomato
  • Primal Dessert

  • White strawberries
  • Golden watermelon
  • Dragonfruit
  • Mango
  • Ready to get your hands dirty? You can start your journey to 120 today, so grab your rakes, pull on your wellies, and join us down on the farm!

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