An Introduction to Herblore 120

An Introduction to Herblore 120
  1. Primal Extract
  2. Potion Bombs
  3. Power Bursts
  4. New potions
  5. Blessed Flask
  6. Skill Guide Unlocks

Sara Brews running dry? Finding Overloads underwhelming? Never fear – in this herbilicious new update, we’re introducing a whole cabinet full of new potions, power bursts, and even bombs for you to mix up on your journey to Herblore 120!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how levelling in RuneScape works, this means that we’ve raised the level cap for Herblore from 99 all the way to 120, and there’s plenty of new content for you herb-heads to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look…

Primal Extract

Primal extract is a mysterious sort of goop found in the fruits of Anachronia. To get it, you’ll need to smush up avocadoes, dragonfruit, golden dragonfruit, guarana, ciku fruit, carambola, lychees, or mangoes.

You’ll need a lot of primal extract on your way up to 120 Herblore – so we recommend training Farming at the same time to maximise your fruit-farming abilities.

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Potion Bombs

Let’s get this bombshell out of the way: you can now make bombs in RuneScape! These area-of-effect ranged weapons come in a range of explosive flavours, including:

Sticky Bomb

  • Bomb Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • 2x Beak Snot
  • 2x Dinosaur Claws
  • Clean Cadantine
  • Primal Extract
  • Poison Bomb

  • Bomb Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • Clean Irit
  • 2x Poison Slime
  • Weapon Poison++ (4)
  • Vulnerability Bomb

  • Bomb Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • 5x Soul Runes
  • 5x Chaos Runes
  • 2x Bottled Dinosaur Roar
  • Clean Dwarf Weed
  • As for what they all do… well, that’s up to you (and a few unlucky volunteers) to find out!

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    Power Bursts

    Ready for a burst of inspiration? Here we go. What if we told you that every time you drink one of the new Power Bursts, you’ll get 4-10 seconds of EXTREME POWER?!

    Yeah, we figured you’d be excited. Here’s how to make ‘em:

    Powerburst of Vitality

  • Powerburst Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • 2x Poison Slime
  • Saradomin Brew (4)
  • Rocktail
  • Powerburst of Masterstroke

  • Powerburst Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • 3x Runite Stone Spirit
  • 3x Necrite Stone Spirit
  • 2x Bottled Dinosaur Roar
  • Powerburst of Acceleration

  • Powerburst Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • Stamina Potion (4)
  • Energy Potion (4)
  • 2x Spark Chitin
  • Powerburst of Sorcery

  • Powerburst Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • Super Runecrafting (4)
  • 5x Blood Rune
  • 2x Beak Snot
  • Powerburst of Feats

  • Powerburst Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • Clean Snapdragon
  • Summoning Potion (4)
  • 2x Bottled Dinosaur Roar
  • Powerburst of Overkill

  • Powerburst Vial
  • Primal Extract
  • Super Adrenaline Potion (4)
  • 2x Bottled Dinosaur Roar
  • Clean Arbuck
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    New Potions

    And of course, this update brings with it several new potions for you to brew:

    Potion of Harvest

    Need a little help gathering those fancy fruits and vegetables to make primal extract? This potion will transform your garden-variety greens into mega harvest versions.

  • Primal Extract
  • Clean Arbuck
  • Watermelon
  • Elder Overload

    It’s the potion you’ve been waiting for! At level 106 you’ll be able to craft Elder Overloads, which give a truly chunky +21 boost to combat stats.

  • Primal Extract
  • Supreme Overload Potion (6)
  • Clean Fellstalk
  • Elder Overload Salve

    All the benefits of the Elder Overload potion, plus a primal healing factor that restores Prayer points, removes poison, and grants immunity to poison, dragonfire, and wyvernfire.

  • Primal Extract
  • Supreme Overload Salve (6)
  • Clean Fellstalk
  • Charming Potion

    Well, it can’t help you get into Laniakea’s good books, but this pink little potion can increase the number of Summoning charms you receive for up to six minutes. Charming!

  • Primal Extract
  • 4x Blue Charm
  • 4x Crimson Charm
  • 4x Green Charm
  • 4x Gold Charm
  • Spark Chitin
  • Spiritual Prayer

    Ever wished you could combine your Prayer potions and your Summoning potions into some kind of awesome combo potion? Well then you’re in luck!

  • Crystal Flask
  • Primal Extract
  • Prayer Potion (4)
  • Summoning Potion (4)
  • Extreme Prayer Potions

    When you’re in need of some extreme restoration, these primal-powered Prayer potions have got your back.

  • Primal Extract
  • Super Prayer (3)
  • Spark Chitin
  • Weapon Poison+++

    Sure, that dragon dagger is poisoned, but is it poisoned enough? Best add an extra plus, just to be sure.

  • Primal Extract
  • Weapon Poison++
  • Poison Slime
  • Cooking Potion

    Impress even the angriest Gordon Ramsey with this Cooking Potion, guaranteed to boost your culinary prowess in a pinch.

  • Harralander Potion (unf)
  • Swordfish
  • Super Cooking Potion

    What? You want even more Cooking mojo? This Cooking Potion upgrade will definitely sort you out.

  • Cooking Potion (3)
  • Zygomite Fruit
  • Extreme Cooking Potion

    Okay, this is just getting silly now. What could you possibly need this much Cooking for?! (Check out the Farming 120 blog for our best guess…)

  • Super Cooking Potion (3)
  • Primal Extract
  • Beak Snot
  • That’s more potions than you can shake a pestle at – but there’s one more we’d like to talk about before you jet off on your herby adventures.

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    Blessed Flask

    Only the most devout herblorists get access to the Blessed Flask, a truly divine item. Making this flask is no simple endeavour. You’ll need to use some extremely high-end ingredients, including Harmonic Dust, and the process is an arduous one.

    But we think you’ll agree that it’ll all be worth it when you come out on the other side with a high-level untradeable item that restores an absolutely godlike 500 Prayer points with each use. The flask is charged with Extreme Prayer potions, which you presumably chug all at once when you use it. Bottoms up!

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    Skill Guide Unlocks

    Level Unlock
    55 Cooking Potion
    79 Super Cooking Potion
    95 Potion of Harvest
    99 Poison Bomb
    100 Weapon Poison+++
    101 Sticky Bomb
    101 Poison Bomb Recipe Improvement 1
    102 Charming Potion
    103 Vulnerability Bomb
    103 Poison Bomb Recipe Improvement 2
    103 Sticky Bomb Recipe Improvement 1
    104 Extreme Cooking Potion
    105 Powerburst of Vitality
    105 Sticky Bomb Recipe Improvement 2
    105 Vulnerability Recipe Improvement 1
    106 Elder Overloads
    107 Elder Overload Salve
    107 Vulnerability Recipe Improvement 2
    107 Powerburst of Vitality Recipe Improvement 1
    108 Powerburst of Masterstroke
    109 Powerburst of Sorcery
    109 Powerburst of Vitality Recipe Improvement 2
    110 Spiritual Prayer Potion
    110 Powerburst of Masterstroke Recipe Improvement 1
    111 Powerburst of Acceleration
    111 Powerburst of Sorcery Recipe Improvement 1
    112 Powerburst of Masterstroke Recipe Improvement 2
    113 Powerburst of Sorcery Recipe Improvement 2
    113 Powerburst of Acceleration Recipe Improvement 1
    114 Powerburst of Feats
    115 Powerburst of Overkill
    115 Powerburst of Acceleration Recipe Improvement 2
    116 Powerburst of Feats Recipe Improvements 1
    117 Extreme Prayer Potion
    117 Powerburst of Overkill Recipe Improvements 1
    118 Ability to make Blessed Flask
    118 Powerburst of Feats Recipe Improvements 2
    119 Powerburst of Overkill Recipe Improvements 2
    120 True Skill Mastery

    When you reach 120, you’ll receive a Master Cape with the following perks attached:

  • Instantly clean all grimy herbs in your inventory. No experience will be gained for doing this.
  • Provides the ability to create batch Overloads, Supreme Overloads, and Elder Overloads five at a time using the ingredients of four.
  • Ready to grab your vials and start experimenting? You can find all these new concoctions in-game right now. Happy brewing!

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