Community Hitlist and Necromancy Embargo - This Week In RuneScape

Community Hitlist and Necromancy Embargo - This Week In RuneScape

Hitlist is back and filled with Quality of Life updates, we are also lifting the Necromancy embargo!

Community Hitlist: January Edition
New year brings in the changes

Hitlist is back! Last month we asked you to submit your suggestions for the next round of Community Hitlist changes. We are still currently going through the bounteous feedback, so to tide you over, today’s update includes a few things that weren’t ready for the end of last year – but are ready now!

This time around the team have been smoothing out Fire Spirits, making improvements to the Player Owned Farm, giving various animals graphical updates, adjusting the Herb and Gem bags to work with noted items, enabling players to move the central information box from the middle of the screen, tweaking deathtouched darts to work on a few more bosses and making improvements to the fletching bench in the Fort's workroom.

Phew! And that's not all of it, either.... Check out the patch notes below for the full list of changes!

Combat Beta: Next Step
Starting Thursday January 25th

Our combat beta has been in full swing since November and we are pushing a new beta patch out starting on Thursday January 25th!

We're polishing changes that will be making their way into the live game in the near future but we need your help: We want you to jump in and do battle with your favourite foes. It doesn't matter if you are a slayer master who speedruns tasks with your melee build or you're a budding mage who has been finding their feet, whoever you are we want to hear from you about these changes.

Dive into the beta on Thursday and try out your usual combat scenarios and let us hear from you on how they play and feel with these changes under your belt!

Ready to give the Beta a try? Here’s how:

  • Jagex Launcher
  • Click this link.
  • The link will load the Jagex launcher then start loading the Beta, logging you in automatically.
  • Non Jagex Launcher

On first login, your live save is imported into the Beta. You can re-import your save into the Beta once per hour.

We will have more details on how you can share your experiences with the beta on Thursday January 25th as we will make a post when it launches!

Necromancy Experience Embargo
Lifted today

Since Necromancy's cold embrace enraptured the world of Gielinor, we've seen so many of you master a brand-new Combat Style and we've been delighted to follow your journeys to become the most powerful Necromancers around.

From today, we're lifting the embargo on Necromancy to help those of you looking to give an extra nudge to your progression to be combat-ready.

Players will be able to use experience granting items (such as Lamps and Stars) with Necromancy, along with all other experience granting systems that are available to all other skills!

Makeship Dragon Plushies
Cuddly but deadly

We absolutely loved partnering with Makeship last year to bring you adorable RuneScape plushies – so much that we’re following up with a new, Dragon-themed menagerie ready for the new lunar year!

You can pre-order these draconic (and iconic) plushies right now to add to your ever-growing collection. Check out our store page at the Makeship website here:

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts January 23th | Ends January 24th | Genie's Wishes

Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it! Find Karima in your chest to make your wish come true – or enhance your next wish for even greater rewards!

Starts January 25th | Ends January 29th | Soul Showdown

It's time for a showdown between good and evil! Necromancers from both sides will be duking it out on behalf of Death and Rasial.

Spend keys to attack the Necromancers and earn Sigils based on which you defeat. They can then be exchanged for their unique outfits and weapons! Occasionally a defeated Necromancer will be replaced by either Death or Rasial, and you get two Sigils for defeating these mightiest of foes!

Collecting a whole set will reward you with a themed Conjure override – either the Ghul Guardian Zombie or Soul Reaver Skeleton Warrior!

Update to Oddment Generation

With today's update we are making some alterations to Oddments generated via Keys and Treasure Hunter reward conversions.

  • Increased Oddment Key Daily Purchase Limit from 10 to 15
  • Base Oddments awarded per key reduced per rarity
  • Convert Oddments' volumes are no longer affected by reward multipliers

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update

Community Hitlist

  • Herb and Gem Bags will now store noted items.
  • The information box that appears above the player to display feedback can now be moved using Edit Mode.
  • When a monster dies, its options are now hidden during the death animation, so you can more easily pick up the items the monster has dropped.
  • You can now disable dragging of items in your backpack, using the new padlock button at the bottom.
  • Hovering over the Invention button on the backpack, and the charge pack in your toolbelt, now displays your remaining charge time and drain rate.
  • The health of Runes in Zamorak’s solo phase 7 has been halved.
    • Dev Note: this is to reduce the difficulty between solo and group play; the mechanic was meant to be memory-based and missable if not enough attention was paid, so we elected for halving the health rather than reducing the Rune count further.
  • Added a wiki button to the top-right corner of the quest overview/journal interface. Clicking it opens the quick guide for the selected quest.
  • Player Owned Farm name and trait re-rollers can no longer re-roll the current trait/name in the selected slot, and will reopen the roll menu if the player hasn't run out of rerollers.
  • Completing the Breeding Log for a category of animal now passively grants the tier 1 perk for this animal.
    • For example, if you have completed the You Had a Zygomite achievement to breed the five types of zygomite, you are now granted the tier 1 Zygomite perk Uncapped Potential, without needing a Zygomite in one of your pens. You still require an animal in a pen to get its tier 2 perk.
  • Normalised produce and seed amounts required for farming requests based on produce and seed type, removed some outlying annoying crops/seeds it could require (e.g. Bloodweed Seed, Goutweed, Goutweed Tuber).
  • Reduced possible animal types from small and medium farming requests, increased allowed breeds from medium and hard farming requests, and removed the need for specific traits on hard requested animals.
  • Making planks via NPCs and the Elite Skilling outfit is now more streamlined.
  • All types of Fire Spirits will now send rewards directly to the Bank, or to the Inventory if the Bank is full – otherwise the rewards will drop to the floor.
    • Messaging is now output to say exactly what rewards the Fire Spirit has given.
    • Messaging is now output when a Fire Spirit despawns without collecting its reward.
    • A buff is now added to the buff bar when adding logs to a bonfire, if you have any bonus XP from a Fire Spirit.
  • Added a 15 second reminder that incense sticks will run out, in line with potion effects.
  • The following bosses are no longer immune to Deathtouched Darts: Commander Zilyana (hardmode), Araxxor in duo mode, Seiryu the Azure Serpent. Note that darting Seiryu only skips phases where you can damage Seiryu.
    • You will need to destroy the crystals on Seiryu's back (which are dartable) to complete the final phase and get your reward drop.
  • Black Unicorns have been graphically updated.
    • The Unicorn Stallion familiar has been graphically updated to match White Unicorn, using special attack for healing animation, and retaining the current chathead.
    • Unicorns now use melee instead of magic attacks to better suit their animations.
    • Black/white foals have been graphically updated, with slight adjustments to their examine.
  • Black bears and grizzly bears, including their cubs, have been graphically updated.
  • Updated Chuck the Polar Bear in the Ardougne Zoo to use the newer polar bear model.
    • Updated arctic bear familiar and in the Three's Company saga to use the newer polar bear model.
  • Turael, Spria and Jacquelyn's novice Slayer Master outfits have been graphically updated.
  • Updated Vannaka the Slayer Master, body and chathead, including his appearance in Beneath Cursed Tides, Tutorial Island, and the NPC Contact spell.
    • By popular request, we’ve added a copy of Vannaka to his temporary encampment in south-west Edgeville Dungeon, and updated the Note from Vannaka accordingly.
    • Repositioned a god ray in the Varrock Sewers under the ladder leading to its manhole exit.
  • The Magic Store owner that sells runes in the Yanille Mage's Guild no longer wanders and has trimmed robes to more easily distinguish him.
    • We've also graphically updated the attackable wizards wandering around him.
  • Updated the Angry Unicorn, Bear and Giant Rat in Tolna's Rift to use newer models.
  • Added a column for Necronium salvage to the Spring Cleaner interface.
  • Increased the maximum length of chat history from 100 to 200.
  • 'Loot Custom' will now grab any noted or stackable items from the ground if you already have one in your backpack.
  • The fletching bench in the ranger's workroom now has a ‘use’ option which checks what fletchable ingredients you're currently carrying and attempts to guess whether to open its Ammo, Fletch or String option.
  • Combined the fletching bench's ‘toggle’ and ‘check wisdom of Anima’ options as it already had the maximum of five options.
    • In response to feedback, the fletching workbench and portable fletcher's Ammo option now prioritises tipping headless arrows over feathering arrow shafts, imbuing essence over tipping Dinarrows, and the Fletch option prioritises standard Logs over Protean Logs.
  • Unwearable items will be moved to the Inventory noted when withdrawing them from the worn tab of the Bank, if withdrawing items noted is toggled on.
  • By player request, removed Chick'arra's screech and Herman's yell and footstomp during the idle animation of these boss pets.

Graphical Update

  • Blocking tiles were added in Catherby to fix an issue that allowed players to clip through the environment.
  • A rock is no longer going through the fence at the Fishing Guild.
  • Blocking has been added to a rock cliff near the water edge at the Coal Mine in North Kandarin.
  • The bushes no longer clip through the walls at the guest house north of the Wizards' Guild in Yanille.
  • Rocks added to the wall near Sinclair Mansion.
  • Rocks near the Eagle's Peak lodestone should now have similar colours.
  • Added bubbles to the Lava near Ourania Altar.
  • The hidey-hole near the Outpost north-west of Ardougne has been added back.
  • The Sinclair Mansion hidey-hole has been remapped at the correct coordinate.
  • Fixed a blocking issue causing some Red Salamander traps to become unreachable near the Ourania Altar.
  • An inaccessible fishing spot north of the Combat Training Camp can be accessed once again.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a tree to float east of the Grand Exchange.
  • Stalls in Ardougne Market will no longer twist around abruptly when players steal from them.
  • Adjusted blocking around the Ardougne Market.
  • The inactive stalls in the centre of Ardougne market are now examineable.
  • Blocking has been added to a fence next to the church in East Ardougne.
  • The fence corner has been replaced with the correct fence piece at the Ardougne Zoo.
  • Fences extend to the south side of Ardougne Zoo.
  • Fixed some blocking north of the Observatory and added a shortcut icon for the Plant to the map.
  • Adjusted some blocking around the Ourania Altar area.
  • Fixed some blocking issues at the cliffs near the West Ardougne wall.
  • The fence model at the Ardougne Market has been replaced.
  • World Gate Engram no longer appears hidden under the terrain.
  • Grounded the floating rocks into the rock wall at Eagle's Peak.
  • Added Shells back to the shore north of Barbarian Assault.
  • Blocking has been added to some rocks and high mapping has been fixed on the beach near Eagle's Peak.
  • Removed the Elven overpass easy/medium/advanced cliffside shortcut entries from the Agility skillguide.
  • Removed the A Screwball Scramble achievement, as there's no longer Agility longcuts in Arandar Pass to trigger it, and the Elite Tirranwn area tasks already required more than 85 Agility via the Weave Come A Long Way achievement.
    • Note that removing this achievement reduces max Runescore by 25.
  • Blocking has been added near the Grand Tree area.
  • Terrain gaps in Prifddinas Max Guild have been closed up.
  • Healthorg and Oaknock Statues are fixed and don't float.
  • The dead tree is reachable and blocking is added near the Outpost area.
  • Blocking has been added near the Kingdom of Kandarin.
  • Players are able to search the boxes at the Ardougne market.
  • Fixed the texture blending in East Ardougne.


  • The 'Load Last Preset' option is now available on Banks found in the Dominion tower, Neitiznot, Darkmeyer, Lunar Isles, and the Lumbridge basement.
  • The song 'Dinosaur Slayer' should no longer start to play when crossing the spine of the skeleton during the Agility course.
  • Necromancy is no longer taken into account when scaling the Dungeoneering monster/boss levels.
  • Adjusted the font size used in the Achievements tab.
  • Hammer overrides are now present when smithing normal bars and Protean Bars, and the audio is now played correctly.
  • Christmas decorations have been removed from the Player-Owned Port.
  • Primary/secondary hair color buttons are now deselected and cannot be reselected until another hairstyle has been chosen.
  • Some force-walk tiles near Rimmington have been removed.
  • The rowdy slave task has been removed from Menaphos City Quests.
  • Special Minions now despawn when Vorkath leaves the battle.
  • Christmas decorations have been removed from the Fish Flingers area.

The Latest Goings-on from our Community

Community Showcase

u/1to99Artscape is back with another magnificent redesign!
u/apophis457 7/6? Zuk is at least 20/20...
We're bowled over by Night Parade of the Slayer Monsters by @SpoonyLoony!


In the hunt for the largest PvM broadcast,@TheRSGuy goes on a trip to all corners of Gielinor!
@A_C_P_L talks about the visual design of the Ranged style.

Scapers' Screenshots

Oh Lily is on a quest to cast the one ring into the fiery depths of the mountain, or just enjoying the new skyline of Kandarin.
Plegsi is checking in on the local monk population after the terraforming of their altar.

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Corporeal Beast

  • Hosted by: Patrick K & Clackworthy
  • Date/Time: Monday January 22nd, 19:00 Game Time
  • World: 123
  • Location: Corporeal Beast Lair
  • FC: Patrick K


  • Hosted by: M e r c y & Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Wednesday January 24th, 12:00 Game Time
  • World: 35
  • Location: Fort Forinthry
  • FC: Helpscape

Skill n Chill

  • Hosted by: MandyPandy, Holbytla, & Spirits of Arianwyn Clan
  • Date/Time: Thursday January 25th, 19:00 Game Time
  • World: 252
  • Location: Fort Forinthry

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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