Count Yakula's Yak Track

Count Yakula's Yak Track

There’s a brand new event heading to Gielinor that promises an absolutely fantastic range of rewards for all players. And if you’re a Premier Club member, you’ve already got everything you need to get the most out of the journey!

You can head on down to the Yak Track on November 25th. The path will remain open to roamers until January 5th 2020.

What Is It?

Yak Track is a new set of fun, varied, sometimes serious and often foolish tasks that take place all over Gielinor. And every time you complete a new mission on your adventure, you unlock a new prize to keep! Yak Track is an excellent way to amass a brilliant bundle of goodies while you go about your business, so make sure you’ve got a warm, waterproof coat and some sensible shoes.

How Does It Work?

Yak Track is available to every single RuneScape player. On the Yak Track interface you’ll see sets of two rewards all the way along the track – Premium and Free. As you progress, each reward tier will offer a choice of tasks, meaning you’ll be able to pick a playstyle that works for you.

If you own the new Premier Pass – which is now included with Premier Club membership – then you’ll receive every single Premium reward you unlock, as well as the Free rewards. But Yak Track is for everyone, so non-members can still enjoy the great range of rewards on the Free track! Ironmen can also take part, although the range of prizes is focused more on cosmetics.

What Are The Rewards?

All sorts! There’s a great range of cosmetics, consumables, weapons, rest animations and boosters up for grabs. Every tier offers prizes for both members and free-to-play players. Here’s a few picks to look out for:

  • Everyone who completes the first task on the Yak Track will get the intimidating, yet rather fetching, Arcane Blood Mage outfit.
  • Make it to the 15th tier and everyone will receive the eerie Zombie Raise emote, while Premier Pass holders can look forward to grabbing the Abyssal Prowler pet!
  • Premier Pass owners will obtain the somewhat sinister Witch’s Doll pet at the 25th
  • Everyone who braves the trek all the way to the final 50th tier will unlock the Dark Throne rest animation, while Premier Pass owners will receive a bounty of goodies including the Zombie Yak pet and the menacing Raven outfit!
  • There are different tracks for Premier Club members, RuneScape members, free-to-play players with a Premier Pass and free-to-play players without a Premier Pass.

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    What if I'm unsure about Premier Pass?

    If you’re on the Free track you can continue to enjoy the large number of free rewards, and as long as you upgrade to Premier Club before the end of the event you’ll also still receive all of the Premium track items you’ve unlocked along your journey.

    We’re really confident that we’ve packed a huge amount of value into Yak Track. In fact, if you’re a Premier Club member and you make your way along the whole track, you’ll receive a whopping 33 cosmetics including four pets, three outfits, six animation overrides and 15 weapons!

    What Does it Cost?

    If you’re a Premier Club member, then nothing at all! Regardless of whether you’re on Gold, Silver or Bronze, for as long as your Premier Club membership is active, you’ll maintain full use of the Premier Pass and full access to Yak Track for the entirety of the event – as well as any future events.

    Premier Club is available once again from today! Head over to the Premier Club hub to choose a package that works for you.

    If you’re not currently a Premier Club member, you can either grab yourself a Premier Pass for 2 Bonds or instead enjoy all the items available on the Free track! All players who want to progress faster along the track will also be able to buy task skips in packs of 4 for 1 Bond, or 10 for 2 Bonds.

    What About Treasure Hunter?

    Alice has booked some holiday and is going to head off on a trek of her own once Yak Track begins, so we’re trying something a bit different while she’s away.

    The RuneScape Team

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