Easter Patch Week - This Week In RuneScape

Easter Patch Week - This Week In RuneScape
Active Events
Blooming Burrow - Active until April 8th.

We've got a patch note list that's looking pretty bench... I mean, hench... Wait a minute…

April Fools!

We've brought back classic items to Diango, Ianto and Azibo's stores so you can pick up a few titles, a terrifying mount and a Ring of... Cabbage? But that's not all.

Perfect posture and positioning will get you far this week. You've been powering through PvM, soaring through skilling, crushing clue caskets and flying with your Fashionscape. Trust us, we think you've earned a break. Take a load off, and put your feet up.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts April 4th | Ends April 8th | Foresight

Foresee the gems in each chest, choose your favourite and win prizes! Knowledge bombs, Processors, Cleaners and Gears are all up for grabs to help you maximise your gains and power up your progression!

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Easter community hunt to not update the event interface if the in-game clock overlay was turned off. It's time to hunt!
  • Cheep now appears in the correct magic off-hand category in the wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue where the Butterfly Dervish emote could be bought even when it was already unlocked.
  • Ironman Accounts will only receive Spring Token warning messages once per login session. Spring Spam, begone!
  • Fixed an issue where Easter Golden Egg decorative poles were clipping into the Lumbridge Castle Floor.
  • The Spring Picnic skirt has been reshaped and made fuller. It is now a closer match to the mannequin wearing the outfit.
  • The Spring Picnic outfit now has reduced cape clipping.
  • The male version Spring Picnic outfit flowers no longer clips with the waistcoat and hat.
  • Fixed an issue where objects dropped near maypoles were floating in the air - yes, especially that potato.


  • Stat buff or stat debuff icons on the buff bar can now be toggled on or off via options in the settings interface.
  • Adjusted Cerberus Juvenile's damage reduction to account for the new hitchance system. She'll now take 500 reduced damage for each tile away the player is, starting at 500. (Whereas previously it was 500+ 500 for each tile away).
  • Laniakea's Spear has been added to the attack skill guide for level 82.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Split Soul expiry sound effect to be played every time the player teleports.
  • Amended some Quest bosses to have their HP in Dominion Tower match their Quest HP.
  • Added the Super Necromancy potion to the Mazcab Emergency Merchants. It took the Goebies a while to get them, OK? You can stop asking for this.
  • Added in missing 'members-only' icons from the following Necromancy abilities: Soul Sap, Soul Strike, Soul Volley, Conjure Undead Army. These abilities were always members-only, but were visually missing the icon in the requirements on the tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Max to remain at level 138 combat level. He is now level 152 as intended. Well done Max, we're all proud of you.
  • Fixed a typo with Arianwyn's dialogue when toggling the 'Flurry' mechanic on and off during the Arch-Glacor fight.
  • Fixed an issue with Azure and Chaotic Berserk animation overrides displaying incorrectly.

Dungeons and Sewers

  • Audio for Varrock Sewers, Edgeville Dungeon and Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon have been updated.
  • The bronze arrows no longer appear on top of the stalagmites in the Edgeville Dungeon.

Kandarin Improvements

  • The gate no longer appears as two separate doors at the beehive farm east of Catherby.
  • The blue plant no longer overlaps with the Yew tree near Catherby.
  • The bushes no longer clip through the wall of the pet shop in Yanille.
  • The texture blending is now fixed for the pottery hut north of East Ardougne Castle.
  • Removed the forcewalk tiles near the camel pen at Ardougne Zoo. Run free!
  • The plank located near the Barbarian Outpost has been moved and can now be picked up.
  • The shell clue is moved to the same spot as before near the Lighthouse.
  • Extended the road and added back bushes to the base of Eagles' Peak to better visually indicate a Hard Clue location. The old muscle memory is back, Cluers!

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Nature staff charges being used every time the Make-x interface was opened. Unnatural.
  • Load Last Preset options have been added to a range of "banks": Burgh de Rott repaired bank booth, both Player Owned Farm upgraded bank chests, the opened Oo'glog bank booth, Player Owned Ports bank boxes, the Artisans' Workshop bank chest and Wilderness Cape Sellers.
  • The Music Player tracks are now shown in the correct alphabetical order.
  • Fixed overlapping text issues when searching for items with long names in the Grand Exchange.
  • The central point light in the Wizard's Tower now matches the color of the central light beam.
  • Added in a missing slayer master icon for Vannaka. The icon will now be visible on the world map and minimap, for the surface world and within Edgeville Dungeon.
  • The Tannery map icon is no longer placed on Jack Oval and is now displayed on Tanya Hide instead. Sorry Tanya.
  • Players can no longer teleport while being transmogrified into a Salamander. They're just little guys, they can't teleport.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Tombstone Agility' overhead animation to play when gaining hunter XP.
  • The number of roles mentioned in the Commander Connad reward shop in the Barbarian Assault minigame now reflects the number of roles available in the minigame.
  • Fixed an issue that caused loot received by the looting perk to sometimes spawn out of walkable areas.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked mobile players from checking contents of the Compost bin.


  • Fixed a typo with Ali the Wise during the 'Battle of the Monolith' quest.
  • Fixed several misspellings of 'Artifact' in several locations. It now reads as 'Artefact' as expected.
  • Some incorrect information, typos, or inconsistencies in the examine texts for Perfect Juju flasks have been fixed.
  • Fixed a typo in the mouseover text for the Ravenous Locust scroll (Famine).
  • Added a missing full stop to the end of the examine text for Magical Thread.

The latest updates from our community

Community Showcase

Rururupert is back, and this time Hans is heading to Crandor - shield at the ready, as the shadow of Elvarg looms overhead!
Bucket Cultist has left us breathless with this incredible Necromancy Armour set paying tribute to the Big Dog, Icthlarin!


The RSGuy has taken on a bold new challenge: topple the greatest foes in Gielinor, but here's the catch: he can only face each boss ONCE! Follow the journey here in this Feature-length adventure. I'll never be disappointed to get a dozen chaos runes from a drop again...

Scapers' Screenshots

Duulby has taken their cape for a walk through the Blooming Burrow, surveying their surroundings and soaking up the sun!
Jay Sindab got their first pair of Skilling Pet Bunny Ears and took a moment to appreciate them in their floppy glory with their pal, Archie.
Jamiely took a promenade across the bridge, with everyone else showing off their finest picks from their Spring wardrobes!

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

PMod Special Event

  • When: Wednesday 03rd April, 20:00 Gametime
  • What: Penguin Tour
  • Who: Miss Misty
  • Where: Edgeville Bank
  • World: 60
  • FC: Miss Misty

PMod PvM Event

  • When: Friday 05th April, 23:00 Gametime
  • What: Nex - Angel of Death
  • Who: Spotleewolf & Nexaodmass
  • Where: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient Prison
  • World: 92
  • FC: Nexaodmass

PMod PvM Event

  • When: Saturday 06th April, 13:00 Gametime
  • What: Nex
  • Who: M e r c y & Dung Titan
  • Where: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient Prison
  • World: 35
  • FC: Dung Titan

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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