Month Ahead - November

Autumn is descending, it’s getting cold and we’re finally having to admit that, yes, we shall have to turn on the heating. When you’re done kicking up the leaves and playing conkers together, come snuggle up by the fire and let us regale you with tales of Novembery content.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Double XP Weekend

We all know what November means in RuneScape – Double XP! We’re doing things a little differently this time, so keep those eyes peeled for more details very shortly. But make sure to pencil in November 22nd...

Farming 120

The first of our RuneFest announcements is crawling, hopping, and stomping its way towards Anachronia. To recap: soon you’ll be able to join Great-Granny Potterington and her loyal dog Sam on The Ranch Out of Time, where you’ll be raising an array of roarsome reptiles.

In the weeks since RuneFest, we’ve been adding everything you’d expect from a Player Owned Farm update, from unique perks for every animal on the Ranch to special dino-specific traits.

You can already start building your critter collection by taking part in activities around Anachronia, including jadinko hunting, Big Game Hunter, and the Agility course. Frogs and Salamanders, being small, non-threatening little critters, have been captured en masse by Granny and her crack team of hunters, and will be available in the PoF store on The Ranch Out of Time.

But ordinary plank ‘n’ nail pens can’t possibly hold massive great beasties like dinosaurs. You’ll need to gather some familiar materials to construct your Ranch – and your base camp workers need an excuse to stick around on this tropical paradise. It’s a match made in heaven!

Back in Ardougne, Manor Farm is being transformed into the prestigious Farming Guild, where noob – ahem, beginner – farmers from all over Gielinor will be lining up to have you fulfil their requests. The more supplies you provide for them, the greater your reputation will be, and in turn the more requests you’ll receive. Building your reputation will let you unlock

perks like the Remote Farming Machine (which does exactly what it says on the tin), the bloodwood tree patch, a fourth Spirit Tree and more.

As you work towards 120 Farming, you’ll unlock new content at every single level along the way. New mushrooms, new cactus patches, and the elusive Money Tree are just some examples of the agrarian action you can look forward to. There’s never a dull moment down on the farm!

Herblore 120

But what are you going to do with all those exciting new ingredients you’ll be growing? Why, crush them up and make them into potions, of course! Elder Overload, anyone? A sip of Extreme Prayer potion, perhaps? If you have enough veggies to spare you might even try crafting the Potion of Harvest.

But potions aren’t the only thing you’ll be brewing with your newfound abilities. Now, you can make BOMBS! Freeze bombs, poison bombs, Vulnerability bombs… the possibilities are endless. The higher your Herblore level, the more efficient your bombs will be.

We’d also like to introduce Power Bursts. These potent potions provide an ephemeral benefit for just 4-10 seconds. With names like Burst of Movement and Burst of HP Doubling, we think it’s fairly obvious what they all do.

Last but by no means least, we have the Blessed Flask. This high-level, untradeable game-changer is available to only the most devout herblorists. When activated, it restores an absolutely godlike 500 Prayer. The flask is charged with your bog-standard Prayer potions, which you presumably chug all at once when you use your flask. Bottoms up!

But there’s the catch: the Blessed Flask is crafted using Harmonic Dust, available only in the Ithell district of Prifddinas. What? You didn’t think divine powers would be crafted from any old rubbish, did you?

Game Pets Competition

In our RuneFest Keynote, we spoke about our plans to bring a new batch of pets to RuneScape. This mighty menagerie will include prestige pets for non-skill, non-boss content like Clue Scrolls, Challenges, Player Owned Ports, Player Owned Farm, and more.

Now, here’s where you come in. We’d like you to exercise those creative muscles and design a pet (or two, or three!) for any of the above categories. We’ll choose our favourites from the best submissions in each category and bring them to the polls, where the community will decide the final selection.

We’ll let you know more details closer to the time – but for now, get those cogs turning and start thinking about what your dream pet could be!

RuneScape Mobile Early Access

Calling all Android users! As you no doubt already know, RuneScape Mobile Early Access is now live and playable for all RuneScape members on compatible devices (see our FAQ for more details). Experience for the first time the delight of questing in queues, beating bosses on the bus and attending to your Bank in an actual bank.

Plus, everyone who signs in on Mobile during Early Access will receive the exclusive Mobile Founder’s Pack, which includes the adorably glam Steel Panther pet, a unique mobile-themed rest animation and the dazzling Radiant Dawn Armour. Check out the RuneScape Mobile Early Access homepage here.

Archaeology Journal: Stormguard

Make sure to pore over our first Archaeology Journal when it goes live later this month. It features the first of our newly-discovered sites, Stormguard Citadel.

Rumour has it that this floating fortress was home to a top-secret aviansie lab during the God Wars. What forgotten technology might lie buried within its halls?

Find out more about RuneScape’s newest skill on the dedicated Archaeology page.

Premier Club

It’s time once again to top up your Premier Club membership for another year full of awesome updates, bonus loyalty points and exclusive goodies – including additional Bank spaces, a new and improved Vault, and the exclusive Premier Artefact.

This year you'll also gain an illuminating new set of armour and a companion pet that doubles as a xylophone (if you can get close enough).

As always, there are three different tiers available: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All three tiers will be purchasable from November 14th. Keep an eye out for more information closer to the date!

Black Friday Sale

Technically speaking, Gielinor doesn’t have Fridays, but we’ve decided to disregard that in the name of remembering what winter is really about – holiday sales!

From 00:00 game time on Friday November 22nd to 23:59 game time on Thursday December 6th, we’ll be holding our biggest ever sale in Solomon’s General Store. Get up to 75% off on over 100 different items including Bank boosters, Bank presets, and wardrobe items. Plus, keep an eye out for the return of a few limited edition items – get ‘em before they’re gone again!

Twitch Prime

We’ve partnered with Twitch Prime again this month to bring you a whole 14 days of free membership!

You’ll be able to claim your gift from November 5th to December 10th. All you have to do is link your RuneScape account to Twitch Prime. Find out how to do that here.

Ho ho ho!

Next time will be the last Month Ahead of the year, and you know what that means? It’s gonna be well Christmassy. Maximum merriness! Full-on festive! Splendiferously snowy! Calamitously carol-y. Yuckily yuletide? All those puns and more next month.

Until then

The RuneScape Team

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