Patch Notes - 30/09

Hello everyone, here's the bumper list of patch notes for the Bank Placeholder & Optimisation update!


For this update, we've significantly optimised the following parts of the bank:

  • Withdrawing of items
  • Withdrawing to "external storage" such as Beast of Burden
  • A specific proc used for the Clan Cloak, Clan Vex and Herald Cape has now been moved into the core wear prevention check
  • Reordered the bank check for Invention items to save a little server load
  • Removed a check that queued up combat stats on bank withdrawing which wasn't needed
  • Bank size has now been moved into temporary player variables, allowing us to save server load when you load the bank each time.
  • Significantly optimised the check for grabbing your Bank Tab data
  • Optimised all deposit scripts
  • Centralised the bank checks for the Orebox, as well as additional items that use the bank
  • Optimised the scripts for unequipping items to your bank
  • Optimised the scripts for moving items inside your bank
  • Optimised the scripts when switching between tabs
  • Presets

    We've introduced a lot of preset changes, including some excellent features!

    An example of one of the preset updates, the ability to edit a preset via drag and drop!

  • Presets will now attempt to do the following when withdrawing:
  • Withdraw a lower dose of a vial if you're out of the specific dose that is set in your preset
  • Presets with scrimshaws will now withdraw the used version if that's saved, otherwise it'll look for the new variant
  • Presets with silver jewellery will always withdraw the compacted version, otherwise it'll try to find the new one
  • Presets with Urns will try to find any urns that have been started, otherwise it'll look for the empty version.
  • You can now edit each individual slot in your preset with a drag and drop from your backpack.
  • Quick Save/Load presets can now be found on right clicking a number
  • Augmentation presets now know which augmented weapon/armour to take out (Note: You’ll need to re-save your presets for this to work)
  • Anachronia and Big Game Hunter have been added to the preset/tab name list
  • Loot has been added to the preset/tab name list
  • Presets 1-10 now have F1 to F10 used as an alternate keybind.
  • Updating the name or loaded preset for each preset is now saved immediately without having to save the preset with the same items loaded
  • The preset list has new icons which display which inventories it will load
  • The preset list has new right click options to delete or quick-load the preset
  • Buttons to load only the inventory, worn or beast of burden have been added
  • Bank Tabs

    The optimisations mentioned above how allowed us to push the bank tab limit plus much more

    An example of how you can switch the placement of your bank tabs.

  • You can now right click a Tab and customise it with a icon and name
  • We've increased the total number of Bank Tabs, we now go to 15
  • You can now right click the main bank tab icon and apply a vertical/side toggle for your bank
  • General

    A significant client update which means you can see all of your object icons rendered in as you scroll, no more waiting!

  • A new style for the bank has been applied
  • With your interfaces unlocked you can now drag the bank interface however you want
  • We've added more bank space to even out total numbers (now 1,320 from 1,271)
  • The search field is now much more responsive, as a result it should now run much smoother
  • Bank filters and searches will now display the number of items found
  • Your Money Pouch is now shown in bank interface
  • Filters/Searches display how much has been found
  • We’ve removed the delay between dropdown menus (the loading spinner)
  • Equipping from a list of searched items will no longer reset the search results
  • The NXT client will now preload all object graphics on launch, this means when loading the bank it will now make all of your objects appear instantly instead of the delay when scrolling through.
  • Removed duplicating "bank is full" messaging
  • We've now removed "free slots & members" bank slots and made it one entire number
  • Mobile: Numerous interface changes have been made
  • The bank now says "Bank of Gielinor" instead of "Bank of RuneScape"
  • Added the amount stored of an item to it's examine text.
  • Summoning familiars can now be summoned from your bank via a new right click option
  • Your bank interface will no longer be closed when dragging an item out your bank to destroy it
  • Spoofing has been added for deposit all buttons, meaning you don’t need to wait for the server to deposit the items
  • Placeholders

    Bank Placeholders have been an update wanted by players for a very long time, you can now allow withdraw an item and leave behind a stack of "0", this means you can't interrupt your lovely bank layouts!

    An example of how you can toggle the Placeholder option and how it works.

  • Keybind added for Placeholders "P"
  • Right clicking placeholders allows you to "delete all placeholders"
  • When selecting to wield an item, it will force a placeholder regardless of the toggled option.
  • Presets will automatically leave behind a Placeholder
  • Filter

    While we had a limited filter option from an update back in 2018, this has now been revamped, allowing you to tailor your bank based on the filter you've selected

    An example of how you can switch the placement of your bank tabs.

  • We've added a filter for worn equipment
  • We've added a filter for tradeable/untradeable items
  • The Clean-up filter now shows items that can be returned to the Quest Point Shop, Diango, or just plain old junk, any items clicked with this filter on can be destroyed immediately, allowing you to free up some bank space.
  • Additionally, this will be listed in a "tab-styled" view so you can immediately see which areas these clean-up items belong in.
  • We've added a filter to show placeholder items only
  • Withdrawing

    Everyone withdraws from their bank, to ease this and make it more quicker and efficient to do so we've added the following:

    An example of how the withdraw-x option could work.

  • You can now customise the quantity of your left click withdraw
  • Withdraw-All: Withdraws everything and only leaves a placeholder if the option is toggled.
  • Withdraw-Placeholder: Is the same as Withdraw-all but forces a placeholder regardless of the toggled option.
  • Withdraw-X: Works the same as it does in-game regardless of the new X-value setting.
  • Added keybinds for the withdraw buttons in the bank interface:
  • Alt+1: 1
  • Alt+2: 5
  • Alt+3: 10
  • Alt+4: All
  • Alt+5: X
  • Alt+6: Input
  • Tooltips have been added for each withdraw button
  • When withdrawing presets they automatically put down placeholders regardless of the toggled option.
  • Your bank won't shift when items are removed and there are no placeholders until the bank is closed, similar to OSRS.
  • When the equipment interface is selected, left clicking items will attempt to equip them if they are able to be equipped.
  • Other

    Note: After looking at a year’s worth of device data we have decided to disable RuneScape Mobile access for some devices, mainly running on Android 5, due to their poor performance and ability to run the game smoothly.

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