Patch Notes - 9/12

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Farming And Herblore 120

  • Corrected the naming of the diseased Jadinko when it appears inside a Ranch out of Time pen.
  • Players may once again give their animals to Baby Shakes so that they may be devoured in exchange for beans.
  • The Castle Wars tickets obtained from farming requests are now added directly to your currency pouch. An option to add the previously defective castle wars tickets to your currency pouch has been added.
  • Weapon Poison potions will no longer instantly run out when used in conjunction with Lantadyme Incense sticks.
  • Tweaked the bean sale values across the board for all the new Ranch out of Time animals.
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    Yak Track

  • Monkfish now counts towards the cooking task on the Yak Track.
  • Yak Track marker is now correctly aligned with prize number 25.
  • Updated the Arcane Blood Mage Robe Bottoms override to fix an issue with a floating gem. This is now fixed to the outfit as intended.
  • The Dark Fire and Flame swords have been graphically updated.
  • Yak Track progression fix - Zogre Bones now count toward progression.
  • Yak Track tasks will now no longer scale down when a member swaps into a free-to-play world.
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  • Elite Dungeon Teletabs are now able to be used while in combat.
  • Slaughter is now correctly cleared when using an ability or item that clears debuffs of this sort.
  • Changed the warning message at the Edgeville artefact to reflect the updated combat level recommendation for King Black Dragon.
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  • Players with more than one Erethdor's Grimoire have had their extra Grimoires turned in to unlock tokens and will have their Torn Pages refunded.
  • Players with insufficient inventory space can speak to Merethiel at the Lost Grove to re-obtain the token and pages.
  • A letter from Eluned can now be picked up from Iswyn after being destroyed if the player has done the relevant quest.
  • Dr Harlow now consistently refers to Vampyres instead of Vampires.
  • Removed a section of Kaqemeex's voiced dialogue near the start of the Druidic Ritual quest, that referred to the slayer master removed from Taverley.
  • Fixed an issue where Implings could be found flying through the vine walls seen around Falador.
  • Celebration Lamp animation no longer plays infinitely.
  • The favorite button now has a proper description in the Slayer log.
  • Invasion NPCs the player has engaged with in The Heart of Gielinor no longer award XP & loot etc after the player has disengaged, preventing situations like closing bank interfaces long after leaving the dungeon.
  • 3% bonus is removed from the Perfect plus potion tooltip.
  • Made it easier to imbue rings at Soul Wars.
  • Wakizashi added to the chat filter. The k should no longer be blocked.
  • Zanik is now called Zanik when imbuing rings.
  • The ability to imbue rings through the Soul Wars shop has been added.
  • Extra Parasols that the player does not require, are no longer lost when making a Black Parasol.
  • Player will now be informed if using a mosquito card in Dungeoneering, that will have no effect due to other boosts that are already present.
  • The Tale of the Muspah now has its item requirements correctly recorded.
  • Updated the Java client removal messaging.
  • The 'destroy all' option now works as it was intended when trying to destroy Clan Vexillum's in your inventory.
  • Lamps are now being used after using the 'Use all' feature and then deselecting the options.
  • Trimmed Masterwork armour now gives a degrade warning when unprotected in a gravestone.
  • Weapon poison can be applied in the bank interface.
  • Chick-axe now appears on the axes filter in wardrobe.
  • Players who have already frozen TH categories will no longer use their Hearts of Ice during promotions that have the 'categories' button disabled.
  • Checking your kills left from an enchanted gem and grim gem now displays the text in an infobox, instead of only sending the feedback to game messages.
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  • Improvements have been made to the Clan Citadel resource minigames interface, including increased sizing of the panels and text to better fit the space on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain prayer abilities to display the incorrect prayer when added to the action bar on mobile.
  • Using spells from the spells book will no longer lock the interface from being used on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where some spells and abilities would not activate from the mobile action bar.
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting "Tap-through chat boxes" setting on mobile. The setting was not being applied correctly meaning users could tap-through when the setting was disabled, this was incorrect behaviour.
  • Run button is now redrawn after hiding the minimap and then re-logging on mobile.
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  • Typo has been corrected when trying to harvest crop you don't have the level for.
  • Typo has been fixed, runied now spells ruined.
  • Typo when speaking with Azzanadra during temple at senntisten quest has been corrected.
  • Fixed a typo involving adding items to the Tool belt.
  • Corrected a typo the in Ranch farmers market.
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  • Icons are now the standard 36x32 in the Runecrafting Guild Rewards interface.
  • Fixed an issue with the Goebie mask stretching.
  • Ozan now holds his bow in the correct hand for his combat animation while fighting Lady Keli's minions on the shores of Draynor during the Stolen Hearts quest.
  • Ozan in the Burthorpe troll cave no longer uses the Shadow Ozan bow model.
  • Adjusted the soil in the Falador tree patch so that it looks consistently level.
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