Yak Track: Wintumber Aurora and Black Friday Deals!

Yak Track: Wintumber Aurora and Black Friday Deals!

Winter is here! And we’re celebrating with an icy-cool new Yak Track and a bundle of Black Friday deals. Read on to learn more!

Yak Track: Wintumber Aurora

The Queen of Snow has arrived in Gielinor, and she needs your help! Assist with her tasks and you’ll receive a host of wintery cosmetics, plus a maximum 20% XP boost!

Yak Track: Wintumber Aurora will run from November 29th to January 9th.

Here's a sneak peek at just a few of the rewards you can earn in this new Yak Track!

Tier 15: Aurora Cape and Golden Party Hat Shard

A double whammy awaits at Tier 15, with the beautiful Aurora Cape and a shiny Golden Party Hat Shard! You can use the latter to craft your very own, super-rare Golden Party Hat.

Tier 35: Snow Queen's Guard Outfit

If you’re on the Premium Track, you’ll receive the royal regalia of the Snow Queen's Guard at Tier 35!

Tier 50: Bohr the Magical Bear Pet

Premium Track travellers will also receive Bohr, the Magical Bear Pet, when they reach the end of the Yak Track. This shimmering pal is much friendlier than he looks, and at Tier 50, you could take him home!

Remember - the Premier Pass is free for all Premier Club members and can also be purchased for just two Bonds. You’ll get access to all the amazing prizes on the Premium Track, plus any leftovers from the tiers you’ve already unlocked!

New Task: Secret Santa

This track’s new task type is all about generosity – ‘tis the season of giving, after all! Head to the Burthorpe Yak Track area and speak to Sir Desmond Wellingtons KBE (the polar bear) to try it out.

You’ll need to donate items to the value of 10,000 GP or higher to participate. The Yak Track tasks will specify certain values, ranging from high to low. The donations can be anything you’d normally be able to sell on the Grand Exchange, with the notable exception of Bonds. In return, you’ll get to draw from the prize pool once every two hours – and who knows what gifts you’ll get?

In the rare event that there are no prizes available, you’ll receive one of the following items upon drawing:

  • Turkey Drumstick
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Yule Log
  • Mulled Wine
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Mince Pie

Mmm, tasty!

Just like the Yak Track, Secret Santa will run from November 29th to January 9th. That’s loads of time to get your gift on!

Oddments Store Update

The following Yak to Basics rewards are being added to the Oddments Store!

  • Varrock Guard outfit
  • Lumbridge Guard outfit
  • Dark Mage outfit
  • Tim Costume
  • Crunchy
  • Spoil Yourself
  • Crunchy's Scimitar
  • Pinchy
  • Target
  • Mage Tower Backpack
  • Zamorakian Cultist Mask
  • Misthalin Halberd

Black Friday Deals

RuneScape’s stores are getting in on the Black Friday mania! From today until December 10th you’ll be able to snag up to 75% off items in Solomon’s General Store and up to 50% off items in the Marketplace. That includes the Cursed Reaver Outfit, the Blessed Sentinel Outfit and the Prototype Colossus Pet – nice!

Here’s the full list of discounts:

KGP TeleportAnimation75%
Vyrewatch TeleportAnimation50%
Pegasus TeleportAnimation50%
Human CannonballAnimation75%
Magician TeleportAnimation75%
Trapeze TeleportAnimation75%
Wings of Justice TeleportAnimation75%
Zarosian TeleportAnimation50%
Saradominist TeleportAnimation50%
Arcane TeleportAnimation50%
Happy WalkAnimation50%
Sad WalkAnimation50%
Angry WalkAnimation50%
Proud WalkAnimation50%
Wardrobe MalfunctionAnimation75%
Energy Drain RestingAnimation50%
Roundhouse WoodcuttingAnimation50%
Sinister Slumber RestingAnimation50%
Arcane FishingAnimation50%
Spike TrapHairstyle50%
Windswept QuiffHairstyle50%
Ornate OdangoHairstyle50%
Flower of LletyaHairstyle50%
Tribal BraidsHairstyle50%
Award-Winning BeardHairstyle50%
Cap'n's BlackbeardHairstyle50%
Dwarven Warsuit PackPack75%
Assassin PackPack75%
Nautilus PackPack75%
Linza PackPack75%
Ozan PackPack75%
Privateer PackPack75%
Robes of SorrowPack75%
Dark Lord PackPack75%
Robes of RemembrancePack75%
The Risen PackPack50%
Brutish Melee Weapon PackPack75%
Untamed Magic Weapon PackPack75%
Feral Ranged Weapon PackPack75%
Elf Ears PackPack50%
Heroic CritPack50%
Splat PackPack50%
Actors Emote PackPack50%
Legendary GorillaPet75%
Warborn BehemothPet75%
Prototype ColossusPet50%
Fairy DrakePet50%
Shadow Fairy DrakePet50%
Vorago ShardPet50%
Growth SurgePet50%
Jelly Treat 6 PackPet75%
Clan Citadel Booster 6 PackServices66%
Clan Citadel Booster 3 PackServices50%
Clan Citadel Booster 1 PackServices50%
Prismatic Dye (8-pack)Services50%
Keepsake Key (6 Pack)Services50%
Bank BoosterServices50%
Prismatic Dye (4-pack)Services50%
Keepsake Key (3 Pack)Services50%
Prismatic Dye (2-pack)Services50%
Keepsake Key (1 Pack)Services50%
Spirit Hunter OutfitWardrobe50%
Barbarian OutfitWardrobe75%
Vitality SuitWardrobe50%
Lion OutfitWardrobe50%
Elite Mammoth ArmourWardrobe50%
Lava OutfitWardrobe50%
Scorpion OutfitWardrobe50%
Shadow HunterWardrobe75%
Gothic OutfitWardrobe50%
Ethereal WingsWardrobe50%
Freefall WingsWardrobe50%
Blade WingsWardrobe50%
Revolutionary MaskWardrobe50%
Sunglass MonoclesWardrobe50%
Party Wyvern CapeWardrobe50%
Inari TailWardrobe50%
Bunny TailWardrobe50%
Skyshadow OutfitWardrobe50%
Beachwear OutfitWardrobe50%
Flaming SkullWardrobe50%
Firebrand bowWardrobe50%
Cursed Reaver OutfitWardrobe50%
Blessed Sentinel OutfitWardrobe50%
TokHaar WarlordWardrobe25%
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