Grotesque Guardians: Feedback Tweaks

Grotesque Guardians: Feedback Tweaks
Grotesque Guardians: Feedback Tweaks!

Since the launch of the Grotesque Guardians on Thursday, we've been keeping a keen eye on all of the feedback coming in. Today, we wish to address much of this with a bunch of snazzy hotfixes and a further list of changes we'll be making with Wednesday's update. (King of the Skill begins on 1st November, so the week's update will be on Wednesday rather than Thursday.)

  • Protect from Melee should now work correctly on Dusk's melee attacks.
  • Any items you drop on the rooftop will now last for 30 minutes. The same duration is applied to the drops received for defeating the boss too.
  • The additional Slayer XP gained within the Slayer Tower as a reward from the Morytania achievement diary should now apply to the Gargoyle Boss.
  • Dusk, hopefully, will no longer spawn the lightning prison special attack underneath himself in Phase 4.
  • Dawn's stun attack no longer stuns the player for quite as long. It has been roughly halved.
  • Any 3 dose prayer potion drops will now be 4 dose potions.
Not everything can be hotfixed...
The following will be launched alongside Wednesday's game update. We'd have loved to have hotfixed them with the other changes, but unfortunately, it isn't always possible. We figured it is worth keeping you in the loop of what we plan to do regardless! :)
  • A ‘Quick-start’ functionality will be added as a right-click option to the bell. The option will be unlocked once you've beaten the boss 5 times. We know you want to get straight into the fight, and we'll allow precisely that once you're fairly experienced with the boss.
  • The player will no longer be interrupted by the Energy Spheres changing size after this change. Apologies for it being a little clunky!
  • During phase 2, Dawn throws bits of debris down towards the arena. It was a little challenging to see exactly where they were going to land, and so we are adding shadows to indicate where they'll land.
  • The exact timing of said debris hitting the player is a little out of sync, so we'll be tightening that up.
  • Lastly, we plan to increase the clickzone of the Energy spheres used by Dawn in phase 3 too.

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