Daemonheim Task Set

Daemonheim Task Set

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A jaunt into Daemonheim's depths isn't for the faint hearted, but it is more rewarding than ever with the release of the Daemonheim Task Set. These 47 feats come in Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite varieties, and there are some cracking rewards: XP lamps, an aura that bestows some handy effects in and out of Daemonheim, and a new Dungeoneering hard mode to name a few.

Even if you've never set foot in Daemonheim before, the Easy Task Set is a great place to start. Most of the Tasks can be completed with no level requirements, and they give a great sense of the adventures Daemonheim's dungeons hold. You'll smith suits of armour, unleash a summoned familiar on a boss and peer back through the mists of memory to complete a Fremennik Saga, among other things.

Daemonheim Task Set

Hardened Achievement Diary veterans won't be disappointed by the challenge on offer here either. Killing the Warped Gulega while avoiding its one-life point attack in a solo dungeon is among the Elite Tasks, as is creating a promethium full helm from scratch. How about creating and using a portent of restoration IX, which requires a mighty 86 in the new Divination skill?

With every Task Set comes an upgradeable piece of gear, and this time it's a powerful new aura. Complete the Easy Task Set and it'll grant you one consequence-free death per day while worn in Daemonheim. As you complete the tougher Tasks, the aura will act like Ava's Accumulator and the bone grinder in Daemonheim; open up extra areas in resource dungeons; restore prayer points in Daemonheim, and more.

There are also permanent rewards at each level not tied to the aura: access to a heim crab weapon override; an additional potion bind; a secondary role for your ring of kinship; and access to a brutal new Dungeoneering hard mode to name just a few.

Finally, of course, there are bountiful XP lamps aplenty, meaning that completing the Daemonheim Task Set is always time well spent.

The majority of the Daemonheim Tasks released today were suggestions from you, and we're always on the lookout for new ideas for Task Sets. If there's a set or reward that you'd like to see in the future, head on over to the Suggestions Forum and let us know.


Mod Maz - Queen of Squirrels

How to start the Daemonheim Task Set:

First, access the Hero Interface. Then, select the Achievements heading, followed by Daemonheim from the drop-down box at the top-left of the interface. Through this, you can see what you need to do for each Task, and where to claim your rewards once you have completed the categories.


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Many Tasks have their own requirements. See here for full details.

Your Feedback

The Super September and Golden Chinchompa updates have been really popular, and the feedback you've given us on both has been a great help. We've listened to what you've said, and are making the following changes based on your requests:

Many of you have expressed sadness at the inevitable, messy fate of the golden chinchompas that you've lovingly named and hand-reared on a diet of chillis, lard and caffeine. We're pleased to confirm that a permanent, non-combustible golden chinchompa pet - still nameable, and just as adorable as before - will be available in the near future. More information is coming very soon, so keep an eye on the news.

Bear in mind, though, that the golden chinchompas available on the Squeal of Fortune until the 16th of September work exactly as before. Keep feeding them and enjoying the gold and the items, because they'll be gone after the 16th!

We're aware that some of you who missed out on completing a Super September challenge early on in the month have felt disappointed it wouldn't be possible to get the top-tier rewards.

With this in mind, we're now offering all of the highest-tier Super September rewards - so, the 35,000 loyalty points, superior hero outfit and superhero shield - at 25 completed challenges, along with 25,000 loyalty points and superhero claws already there. You'll still need to complete the lion's share of the challenges to get your hands on the best loot, but you won't miss out just because you've missed a few.

If you're experiencing trouble with a particular challenge because the content you need is busy, we strongly recommend switching worlds. Although there are designated worlds for certain pieces of content, remember that it's possible to do everything you need for Super September on any members' game world.

As always, if you have any further feedback, don't hesitate to let us know in the discussion thread, or on the Suggestions Forum.

The RuneScape Team

Behind the Scenes Video

Take a tour of the Daemonheim Task Set in our latest Behind the Scenes Video:

In Other News
  • The new Task entitled Tales of Old currently has an incorrect description in-game. To complete the Task, you need only complete an abridged Fremennik Saga, although an unabridged one will also count. We're aware of this, and will fix it as soon as possible.
  • Super September's powering up as we break through to its second week. Remember to check back daily for details of the latest Super Challenge!
  • Solomon's stocking some super new combat overrides, including comic-style hitsplats. Head on over to his General Store now. *Bamf*
  • The Battle of Lumbridge is fast approaching its epic conclusion, with only a few weeks to go. Get stuck into the fight and earn your rewards. Look out for extra sacred metal from silver nodes and enemy fighters if you're aiming for those awesome weapon overrides!

The patch notes archive can be viewed here.

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