The New Solomonís General Store

The New Solomonís General Store

The overhaul to Solomon's General Store is here, with the rewards from the Members Loyalty Programme being successfully re-homed among its already bountiful stock. Now you're able to spend your loyalty points on a wide range of items, some of which have received a major graphical upgrade and look better than ever Ė including the loyalty items you have already purchased.

Loyalty shop outfits are now cosmetic overrides and can be equipped through the wardrobe interface. Because of this change, players whose loyalty items were stored in dragon keepsake boxes will be refunded the keepsake key upon launch of the update.

You can also access your Members' Loyalty Programme information straight from Solomon's General Store. With just one click, you can view your loyalty points and details on how long you've been a member in one convenient location.

Members' Loyalty Programme Outfits

The Members' Loyalty Programme has also been reworked in terms of how you earn loyalty points:

  • Anyone who is a member for a year receives an exclusive milestone reward, with further items for continuous years of membership. Note that this only counts back since the Loyalty Programme first went live, so no-one will get more than the first two items today.
  • Any milestone items for which you're eligible can be claimed from Diango in Draynor Village marketplace.
  • Players who subscribe for several months in a row receive bonus loyalty points.

Xuan is still around and you can now access the Solomon's General Store via his market stall. He'll still help you to retrieve lost auras and re-colour items.

This change marks a new and improved era for the Members' Loyalty Programme, with much more content planned for the future. We'd like to thank you for your patience while we were working on polishing this exciting update. We know that many of you were disappointed by the delay, so please accept our apologies. We hope that you enjoy using the newly merged store.

For more details, check out the official FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News
  • Super September has flexed its pecs and continues to soar through the skies! Remember to check the news for details of your daily Super Challenge.
  • With Vorago's deadly green bomb rotation coming into play this week, we're running a special Twitch event with Mod Chris L - Vorago's developer - along with Mod Ryan and Mod Oliver from QA. Join us on our channel on Thursday 5th September at 6pm (BST).
  • We've added timers to the icons for many of your favourite buffs, potion effects and abilities so you can see more accurately how long they have left.
  • It's week seven of the Battle of Lumbridge and the final tier of rewards - Tier 3 - has now unlocked. There's also a new Duke's Dilemma to consider over in Lumbridge Castle.
  • Check out the cute and combustible golden chinchompa, available on the Squeal of Fortune from Friday. Details to come soon!

The patch notes archive can be viewed here.

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