26th Jan - 31st Jan SGS Sales #5

After five frantic weeks our January sale is packing up, lowering the shutters and drawing to a close. Don’t miss out on this final chance to grab some cut-price RuneScape goodies, all of which are discounted by 50% for the rest of the week.

Item Category Discount
Growth Surge Pet/Service 50%
Jelly Treat 6-Pack Pet/Service 50%
Prismatic Dye (2-pack) Services 50%
Prismatic Dye (4-pack) Services 50%
Prismatic Dye (8-pack) Services 50%
Privateer Pack Pack 50%
Warm Winter Outfit Wardrobe 50%
Angry Walk Animation 50%
Elven Ranger Outfit Wardrobe 50%
Sinister Slumber Resting Animations 50%
Sneaky Bunny Emotes 50%

For the statistically orientated among you, you may be interested to know that over 1 billion loyalty points have been sunk on ‘Maniacal’, ‘Reckless’ and ‘Berserker’ Auras during the past four weeks alone.

We hope you’ve enjoyed what’s been on offer throughout the sale, and we’ll be back with more discount delights as we press on through 2019.