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Charitable Giving Update - News - RuneScape - RuneScape

Charitable Giving Update

Its been a while since we updated you all on our charitable giving work, so lets take a look at whats been happening at Jagex and what plans we have for the years ahead.

2017/18 Review

We wanted to thank all of you for your absolutely incredible support for our three mental health charity partners over the last two years The Princes Trust, CPSL Mind and YMCA Right Here.

Together, we have raised a stunning 316,377 ($412,000) more than we have ever raised together before. And we couldnt have done it without you. Thank you all ever so much.

These funds, along with over 600 hours of Jagex staff time, have allowed us to:

  • Fund Mental Health First Aid training for over 350 Princes Trust front line staff.
  • Part-fund a mental health counsellor at the Princes Trust Fairbridge Centre.
  • Run training programmes at Jagex for around 40 Princes Trust Young People.
  • Collaborate on, and fund, the largest and most successful campaign our local CPSL Mind organisation have ever run: 'Stop Suicide!'
  • Help YMCA Right here to grow their social media awareness campaigns.
  • Fund AV equipment so that YMCA Right Here can create their own material.
  • In addition, for Gameblast 2018, you raised over 100,000 ($130,000) for Special Effect.

    Together, we have changed lives, supported countless young people, and given our charity partners a legacy to help them in the future.

    To top it all, we were humbled to receive three awards for the work we have done together:

  • Princes Trust Innovation Award
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • Corporate partner of the year with CPSL Mind in the East of England
  • Weve achieved this together, and these awards are for all of us. You should all feel extremely proud!

    2019/2020 Plans

    We are happy to announce that we will continue our focus on Mental Health awareness for the next two years. Our charity partners will be:

  • Local: CPSL Mind to continue the work we have begun and help to grow the success of their massively impactful Stop Suicide! Campaign.
  • National: The Princes Trust we want to help even more Young People to skill up and receive mental health support.
  • International: We have partnered with You Are RAD, a California based non-profit that has directly funded mental health care costs for 28,000 gamers in the last 3 years. We are incredibly excited to work with You Are RAD, which is a chance to respond to community feedback and support a non-profit organisation based in the US.
  • RuneScapes next in-game event kicks off on April 15th, with all funds raised going to CPSL Mind & The Princes Trust. You can read some details about this in the April Month Ahead, although a more detailed post will appear on the site early next week. Unfortunately, it was a little too late to add You Are RAD to the in game event in April, but rest assured that all other funds we raise throughout the year will be shared with all three. There will be a second in-game RuneScape event in November. In addition, we now have donation buttons for on our Jagex Charitable Giving webpage, making it easier than ever for you to lend your support.

    We will keep you updated on our progress and funds raised. Once again, we thank you to all of you for the most fantastic support you have given our charity partners we couldnt do it without you.

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