Golden Cape Hunt Last Chance: June 30 - July 2

Golden Cape Hunt Last Chance: June 30 - July 2

Update: June 27, 11:30 Game Time

On the final day of the Golden Cape Hunt event, a bug caused Golden Cape Shards to not drop for roughly 8 hours of Game Time. While we Hotfixed this as quickly as possible Sunday morning, we heard from many of you that losing precious hours of play time on your Saturday evening or Sunday morning - especially if it was one of your only opportunities to play in the week - hurt your Hunt.

As a result, we're delighted to confirm the Golden Cape Hunt will return for one weekend only on June 30 at ~10:15 Game Time. Once we deploy a Coldfix update - which requires us to reboot all Game Worlds at this time - the event will be active until 23:59 on July 2. All progress so far will carry over, and any destroyed Shards can be reclaimed from the Wise Old Man at the G.E.

Thanks so much for your patience over the weekend and we hope this helps anyone affected complete their Hunt this weekend.

Original Post

Jagex Accounts recently entered Open Beta. This marked a huge milestone towards meeting your requests for a safer, more secure account system to protect your beloved characters! Now it’s time to celebrate…

We’ll be running a special Members-only event from Tuesday, May 30th to Sunday, June 25th at 23:59 BST to mark this leap forward in our systems and help even more players discover how to upgrade! ‘Scapers, get ready for… The Golden Cape Hunt.

Taking inspiration from our Golden Party Hat Hunt back in 2021, this special event will see players setting out across Gielinor to earn Shards for the new tradeable Golden Cape Cosmetic, plus some other lovely bonuses. You won't need a Jagex Account to earn the rewards, but you'll kickstart your hunt for the Golden Cape dramatically by switching to a Jagex account prior to or during the event. Let's take a look!

The Golden Cape Hunt

Set off on a journey across RuneScape to earn eight shards and trade them in for your Golden Cape cosmetic, Keepsake Keys and special event buffs!

Eight of the tasks are completely gameplay-based, with two additional tasks that offer alternative ways to get Shards - one as a thank you to Premier Members, the other a two-Shard gift for anyone who makes (or has made) the jump to Jagex accounts! Earn your eight Shards and take them to the Wise Old Man at the Grand Exchange to collect your rewards and complete the Hunt.

Here's the full list of tasks on offer:

  • Task 1: Link your RuneScape Account to your Jagex Account (worth TWO Shards)!
    • If you are already linked to your Jagex Account, you will automatically receive your Shards upon login.
  • Task 2: Gain Combat XP for a chance to receive 1 Shard.
  • Task 3: Gain Artisan XP for a chance to receive 1 Shard.
  • Task 4: Gain Gathering XP for a chance to receive 1 Shard.
  • Task 5: Gaining Support XP for a chance to receive 1 Shard.
  • Task 6: Complete Clue Scrolls steps for a chance to receive 1 Shard.
  • Task 7: Defeat any boss for a chance to receive 1 Shard.
  • Task 8: Complete New Foundations, Murder on the Border and Unwelcome Guests quests to receive 1 Shard.
    • If you have already completed these quests, you will automatically receive your Shard upon login.
  • Task 9: Purchase 1 Shard directly from Nic the Trader at the front gate of the Grand Exchange for either 25M Gold or 10K Protean items.
  • Task 10: Earn 1 Shard if you have Premier Membership.
    • If you are already subscribed to a Premier Membership, you will automatically receive your Shard upon logging in.

For those of you with multiple characters, each character that's added to your Jagex Account will receive the 2 Shards for being part of the Jagex Account system - this is not limited to one per Jagex Account!

The Rewards

Golden Cape and Keepsake Keys

The star of the show is of course the Golden Cape! Just like the Golden Party Hat, this is a limited-time tradeable item you can earn by completing the challenges we listed above.

Since this cape doesn't offer any stats like most other item-based capes, we're also including three Keepsake Keys so you can add it to your cosmetic override collection (plus a couple of other items you've always wanted in your Fashionscape wardrobe)!


Completing the Hunt will also earn you a couple of gameplay buffs, themed around the improved security and convenience features of Jagex Accounts!

  • Golden Security Buff: A 5% chance to reduce damage taken by 99% (type and typeless).
    • NOTE: Boss timers, enrage and HiScores will not be updated when the buff is enabled and activates at least once during the kill. In group settings, any player with the buff enabled - who also has it activated at least once during the kill - will disable boss timer, enrage and HiScore updates for all other players in the group on that kill.
  • Golden Consignment: Provides a guaranteed 'porter' effect (which transports valid items to the Bank when gathered) while the buff is active.

Both buffs can be enabled or disabled by the Wise Old Man in the Grand Exchange at any time. The buffs are available to use for 28 days once you complete the Hunt - disabling the buff will not stop the 28-day timer that begins once you earn the buffs.

AFK Timer Extension for Jagex Account Holders

For many moons you've been telling us that you’d love a longer AFK period than the five minutes we have currently.

We can now confirm that we are working on an update that will give Jagex Account holders extended AFK time in RuneScape. We're working on this functionality as we speak, and expect it will be ready for all Jagex Accounts-based characters in August this year. We'll have more to share in the coming months!

Other Ways We're Addressing Your Feedback

  • Over the years many of you have built up quite the collection of characters - so we've recently upped the character limit per Jagex Account from 10 to 20!
  • The Characters page now suggests characters sharing your account email address that you have not imported yet. You may find some characters you forgot you had!
  • We are working on allowing players to re-order the characters in their Jagex account, so your favorites can be top of the list.

Upgrading to a Jagex Account

Why Are Jagex Accounts Important?

Jagex Accounts offer significantly improved security for every player, ensuring your hard-earned stats and equipment don't fall into the hands of hackers.

Your Jagex Account works on RuneScape mobile and on desktop via the Launcher, and also gives you access to all your characters - without needing to remember different logins and passwords. All you need to do is upgrade your first character, then import any other characters you have. This lets you play each of your characters simultaneously.

And don't forget - every character you import to your Jagex Account is eligible for 2 Shards in the Golden Cape Hunt!

How do I upgrade?

You can upgrade your account right here!

That should be all you need to know! We'll update this blog as your questions come in, or if we have further information to share. You can also check out the original blog, and Player Support have put together a handy FAQ which you can visit by clicking the link here.

- The RuneScape Team

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