Level-up Messages

Going up a skill level can access a shedload of new activities, items and quest requirements. You need to know exactly what you're capable of at these new levels, so we've taken a fresh look at your level up messages and skill guides.

Level-up messages now give you much more information about any abilities you've unlocked when raising your skill levels. They'll tell you when you increase a Combat level, for example, or when you've met the requirements to start a new quest. Each of these important milestones will be highlighted by improved sounds and graphics, which get more impressive as you achieve harder-to-reach goals!

Extra information has also been added to the Skill Advance Guides, giving you a truly comprehensive picture of what can be done at your current level. If you have gained the ability to do anything with your new skill level, you can almost guarantee that it will be here.

Finally, you won't miss your level-up message if you're in the midst of combat. Once you advance a level in a skill, that skill's icon will begin flashing in the statistics menu of your side interface. You can then view your level-up messages by clicking on the flashing icon (as long as you stay logged in). In all other cases, clicking on the skill icon will open the skill guide as normal.


Access to:

More information in your level-up messages
More information in your skill advance guides
Improved animations and sounds when you gain a skill level
View level-up messages when you are ready

In other news...

There are a few unusual signs for you to discover across RuneScape, revealing bizarre statistics about the activities of the day. Ever wanted to know the number of cakes stolen from East Ardougne stalls? Well, now you can! There are signposts for you to find in the following locations:

On the subject of signposts, you'll find that a number have been added around Runescape. These are very useful if you're lost and need pointing in the right direction. These are scattered in the area bounded by Ardougne, Fremennik Pass, Morytania and down to the Shantay Pass.

Various NPCs in Miscellania and Etceteria are more helpful and will tell you your approval rating. This should save you time and a trip to Advisor Ghrim.

Juna, from the Tears of Guthix minigame, now has a quick option for telling her stories. Also, she'll inform you more accurately about when you can return to the cave and collect tears again. If you are able to access the Tears of Guthix within the next two days, Juna will tell you when to return, to the hour. If you can access them within 4 hours, Juna will tell you when to return, to the minute!