Master Skillcape Perks

Master Skillcape Perks

This week we focus on Master Skillcape Perks! A while back we asked you all for ideas/suggestions of what perks to add for each 120 skill as well as improving some of the 99 skillcape perks and here's what we've done!

Skillcape Perks changed

  • Agility - No longer fail any agility obstacles (this has been rolled out to work on every obstacle in game)
  • Constitution - Retains the current effect, but the healing now continues to work in combat
  • Construction - Has a chance to save planks when building in your player-owned house
  • Crafting - Provides a chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once and provides unlimited thread
  • Divination - Wisps will now last a fixed amount of time when first harvested from
  • Firemaking - Fire spirits give better rewards and will act as a light source
  • Fletching - Provides a chance to make extra bolts, arrows and darts
  • Hunter - Increases the effective range of your traps by 2 tiles
  • Prayer - Retains the current effect, but acts like a First-Age Cape if owned
  • Thieving - All drops are noted, and stacks with Ardougne Cape if owned
  • Master Skillcape Perks

  • Invention - Gives an increased chance of receiving uncommon and rare components when disassembling
  • Dungeoneering - A chance to choose which boss you face; increased chance of lore drops inside Daemonheim and Elite Dungeons; and the ability to wear your cape inside Daemonheim
  • Slayer - Gives a chance (20%) to choose your task from a Slayer master each time you receive a new one
  • Master Quest Cape - Brings a range of lore-related teleports into a single item, allowing you to teleport to the Legends' Guild, the World Gate, Varrock Museum, the Empty Throne Room and several more
  • Patch Notes

    Post-release clan improvements, allowing free to play players to try out construction and more, read all of the patch notes here!

    Summer Weekends | Combat | 10th - 13th August

    The combat summer weekend is approaching! Here's what you can expect:

  • Charm drops give one more charm than normal.
  • Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced ring of wealth.
  • 50% increased Slayer experience.
  • All Slayer assignments are treated as using a Slayer VIP Ticket.
  • Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima.
  • 10% cheaper instance fees.
  • Ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day.
  • Extra training points from Boss Training.
  • You may choose your Boss Slayer assignments over the weekend.
  • NOTE: Ironmen are excluded from all bonuses in bold.

    To read everything about the Summer Weekends in full detail, click here.

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    Live Streams this Week

    Each week, we host developers QAs, exclusive in-game first looks and more. And it’s all live on our Twitch channel, join us!

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    Tuesday, August 7th – 16:00 UTC (Game Time) – Month Ahead: August - Q&A

    Join our JMods on the sofas as they discuss the awesome content coming to you this August. And of course, the star of the show will be Elite Dungeons 2 – The Dragonkin Laboratory, followed by Master Skillcape Perks, the new Rune Capers event and everything else you can expect for the second part of this HOT Summer.

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    Friday, August 10th – 16:00 UTC (Game Time) – Patch Notes Teasers

    Join us for the Patch Notes Teasers, a stream where we cover the main update for next week – Elite Dungeons 2: The Dragonkin Laboratory – and show some of the new content you can look forward to next Monday!

    Watch live on Twitch – be sure not to miss it!

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    Sunday, August 12th – 18:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

    Join our resident PvM expert with another mass this Sunday, live on Twitch!

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    The RuneScape Team
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