Menaphos Trailer & Site | Double XP - 19th May

On June 5th, RuneScape will enter a new chapter as the gates of Menaphos – the Golden City - open.

Between now and then, we'll be releasing tantalising tidbits of info about the year's most epic update, and today, we're starting with a bang.

Speaking of the Pharaoh.

Rumour has it that the lord of Menaphos is... changed of late. Is this simply the heavy burden of his rule, or something more? Watch the teaser trailer and draw your own conclusions.

Stay up to Date

But this is just the beginning. Behold – the Menaphos website!

This is your one-stop shop for Menaphos info leading up to launch. We'll be releasing details of what you'll be doing once the gates open, what you need to get in, and who's who in the Golden City.

Head there now for full details of the Menaphos entry requirements, recommended levels to attain leading up to launch, and much, much more.

Check back in regularly for updates on Shifting Tombs, the new Slayer Dungeon, and the factions whose favour you'll be seeking once the gates open.

To celebrate, we'll be running events up to release - including an extra Double XP Weekend, starting 19th May. Start prepping now!

Be There!

On June 5th, join us in game as history is made. Be there when the long-isolated city is laid open for the whole community to discover and explore.

It'll be an amazing time to be a RuneScape player, and we can't wait to see you there.

The RuneScape Team

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