Month Ahead - September

Much like the night before Christmas, the month before RuneFest is quiet. Lots of very cool things are coming, and the developers are working on them right now… and indeed, Bank Placeholders – one of your most anticipated updates, should be with us this month! But you’re going to have to wait until RuneFest to hear about some of other big things we’re working on. The good news is that RuneFest will be streaming non-stop live from Farnborough, so even if you’re not able to make it there yourself, make sure to tune in from the evening of Friday October 4th and all day on Saturday October 5th for some big announcements.

Slayer Log

Players have, for a long time now, been able to keep track of the drops they’ve received from bosses. In the very near future, the same will be possible for slayer monster drops. This should give slayers both old and new an extra reason to travel far and wide in search of challenges they may have skipped until now.

Details of how the sub-categories will break down have not yet been finalized, although wise adventurers should of course prepare for journeys to Morytania and Fremennik Province along with all your favourite slayer haunts.

You can expect to earn titles for each group of beasties you successfully conquer. And it goes without saying that should you conquer them all, you’ll get a very special title to celebrate.

We’re currently weighing up the specifics of how you’ll access the log and exactly how everything will be organised within it. Expect more information when the Slayer Log nears release.

Bank Placeholders

The developers continue to finetune the beta in response to your highly appreciated feedback. A final beta will take place this month, and we hope to see the final release by the end of the 30th, dependent on feedback. Recent changes include:


  • More bank space to even out total numbers (up from 1,271 to 1,320)
  • Reverted the textured background
  • Moved the placeholder and note buttons
  • Can now drag the bank interface as you wish when interfaces are unlocked
  • Search field is now much more responsive
  • The money pouch is now shown in bank interface
  • Equipping from a list of searched items no longer resets the search results
  • Placeholders

  • ‘P’ keybind added
  • Right clicking placeholders allows you to ‘delete all placeholders’
  • Presets will automatically leave behind a Placeholder
  • Presets

    Presets will now attempt to do the following when withdrawing:

  • Withdraw a lower dose of a vial if you're out of the specific dose that is set in your preset
  • Presets with scrimshaws will now withdraw the used version if that's saved (otherwise it'll look for the new variant)
  • Presets with silver jewellery will always withdraw the compacted version (otherwise it'll try to find the new one)
  • Presets with urns will try to find any urns that have been started (otherwise it'll look for the empty version)
  • The manage presets button has been moved to the bottom of the screen
  • Individual slots in your present can now be edited with a drag and drop from your backpack
  • Bank Tabs

  • Total number of bank tabs increased to 15
  • Tabs now include a right-click option to customise them with a name and icon, and apply a vertical/side toggle for your bank
  • Withdrawing

  • Quantity of left click withdraws can now be adjusted
  • If the option is toggled, ‘withdraw-all’ now withdraws everything, leaving only a placeholder (‘withdraw-placeholder’ is the same as ‘withdraw-all’ but forces a placeholder regardless of the toggle)
  • Withdrawing presets automatically puts down placeholders regardless of the toggled option
  • Your bank won't shift until closed when items are removed and there are no placeholders
  • A more detailed run-down of the latest changes can be found on our forums.

    September Raffle

    Balthazar’s Big Raffle is returning to RuneScape throughout September! Remember to log in every day from September 1st to September 30th to claim your daily raffle ticket from Balthazar in Burthorpe. Plus, extra raffle tickets are available for completing a daily challenge or finding Gilly Willikers, the friendly neighbourhood wandering clown. Then simply hand in your raffle tickets on whatever day you wish for a chance to win a prize (if you do win, you claim your prize the following day).

    Available for the first time in the raffle will be a new set of Golden Barrows armour, Linza the Disgraced. For the first time this year players will be able to grab any of their missed tickets before the event ends. Simply hand a Bond over to Balthazar and he'll keep hold of any tickets you miss throughout the event.

    Annual Survey

    RuneScape is what it is thanks to its players, so getting as much feedback from you as we possibly can means absolutely everything. The Annual Survey arrives today and not only offers you a chance to get the briefest glimpse of what we may have in store for the year ahead, but also lets us better understand the direction in which our development plans should be heading. Head on over here to have your say and help shape Gielinor’s destiny.

    Developer Diaries

    As somewhat vaguely alluded to above, there have been some changes to both the shape of the teams that create RuneScape, and direction in which they are taking the game. Next week we’ll release the first in a series of developer diaries, hosted by Mod Osborne, that will explain this new development structure and offer some insight into how we intend to improve Gielinor for the better. We’ll be examining the teams and their functions in great detail over the coming months, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

    One Special Day

    Games charity Special Effect will be running its One Special Day event on October 4th. It’s a time when companies across the industry join together to raise money for the charity’s incredible work in using technology to help break down the barriers of disability.

    RuneScape is delighted to play its part by offering two completely free One Special Day branded items for players between September 30th and October 4th. Plus, all proceeds from Solomon’s General Store raised throughout the period will be donated to One Special Day.

    Portable Vic

    Following a successful trial earlier this year, Portable Vic the Trader has become a permanent fixture in Gielinor! If you took advantage of his service before, everything will remain the same for his arrival on September 2nd. You can check out all the details in this guide here. Portable Vic can be used by both members and free-to-play adventurers.

    Mysteria Wednesdays

    The Mysteria promo will be available every Wednesday throughout September, offering some of the best Treasure Hunter promotions on a full-day rotation. Plus, double oddments will be available for winning and cashing out prizes - but only on Wednesdays!


    As if you needed another reminder! There’s still just about time left to grab a ticket, here, to the biggest and best RuneScape fan gathering ever!

    We realise that we’re a tiny bit biased, but it is categorically and undeniably true to say that this year's RuneFest is shaping up to be totally epic. We're bringing back Skill Chips and adding new activities, new entertainment, and all the biggest announcements from both the RuneScape and Old School teams.

    RuneFest is a celebration like no other. You can look forward to panel sessions with your favourite JMods and content creators, an awesome 200 PC LAN party, and goodie bags filled with RuneFest Loot. Food and drink will be available on-site throughout the event, and as the day comes to a close we'll also be hosting a massive after-party for all our guests.

    RuneFest 2019 will kick off on Friday October 4th with The Golden Gnome Awards! Join us for an evening of glitz and glamour while we recognise the talent and enthusiasm of our community members, content creators, and streamers. Then get ready for an action-packed Saturday with plenty of surprises.

    We can't wait to see you there!


    You’ve got three weeks left to grab our fourth and final Twitch Prime reward. Twitch Prime members can currently head over to Twitch and claim their Free Currency Pack, inside of which they’ll find 200 RuneCoins, 15 Keys and 40 Hearts of Ice. Don’t forget to claim and redeem by September 24th!

    And breathe…

    The Month Ahead will take its traditional RuneFest break in October, but in its place expect to hear plenty more about all the exciting news to come out of the show.

    Until then!

    The RuneScape Team
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