Patch Notes - 03/02

This week we’re trying to address some of the feedback we’ve been receiving on Mining and Smithing, as well as continuing to monitor and implement hotfixes to the Winter Chill Off and War’s Retreat. We’re listening closely to any and all feedback, especially with War’s Retreat, so make sure to keep it coming!


To meet the aims of improving the value of ore, as well as to further increase the value of stone spirits, we’ve made some changes to player stamina while Mining.

  • Damage dealt to rock’s HP now scales with the player's current mining stamina. With no stamina remaining, swings provide only 20% of the damage that is dealt at full stamina (outside random damage variation and critical hits). Rocks that don't reduce stamina (like red sandstone and Arc crablets) aren't affected by these changes. As before, you can restore stamina by clicking/tapping on a rock again.
  • Modifiers from pickaxe tier, rock hardness, strength level, and critical hit damage are unchanged and work as before.
  • Stamina is restored automatically when stone spirits are consumed while under the effect of a perfect juju mining potion.
  • Stamina no longer depletes while mining Seren Stones, as such Seren stones have had their HP increased from 1500 to 2000.
  • Updated the mining skill guide to include Anachronia mining locations for various ores.
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    To meet the aims of improving the availability of invention components that were more easily obtained before the M&S rework via weapons & armour we’ve made some changes. We’ve buffed the chances of obtaining components rather than parts from Elder Rune equipment. Due to these large increases in available parts & components, the breakdown perk's activation chance has been adjusted to compensate.

  • All smithable items now disassemble into 4 Invention parts or components per bar used in their creation.
  • For example, a 2h sword with no upgrades, which requires 4 bars to create, breaks down into 16 parts or components. An elder rune platebody + 5, which requires 160 bars to create from scratch, breaks into 640 parts or components.

  • Elder rune equipment now has a higher chance of breaking into components rather than parts, compared to other tiers of equipment. Component 1 increased from 3% to 9% per roll. Component 2 increased from 2% to 6% per roll.
  • Breakdown Perk Activation Chance from 0.8% per rank per bar, down to a flat 0.8% per rank.
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    Winter Chill Off

  • Empowered Blight Staff and Sword are now available as rewards from the Winter Chill Off.
  • Hotfix: Fixed Norm in the Winter Chill Off event to allow you to correctly purchase the Currency Doubler through the dialogue options if you have the Blightreaver unlocked
  • Hotfix: Some skilling stations have been adjusted in Winter Chill Off as they were changing states quicker than anticipated.
  • Hotfix: The Winter Chill-Off interface will now correctly display how much increased experience a player will earn from the event.
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    A recent patch caused some issues with sound effects in the game. This week we are launching a fix that should resolve the issue on desktop. Sadly due to some unexpected events, we can not launch this as part of today's game update and are instead looking to warm fix this within the next couple of days. A fix for mobile is in the works.

  • Resolved an issue preventing specific sound effects from playing on desktop. (Expected very soon)
  • Audio for attuning the Shadow Reef portal and Liberation of Mazcab have been fixed to play the correct sounds.
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    God Wars Dungeon

  • The War’s Retreat Reaper Portal now checks for all normal access requirements when pointed at a God Wars Dungeon boss.
  • Nex

  • Hotfix: Ancient Ceremonial will once again bypass the kill count requirement when trying to enter the Nex boss area.
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  • Resolved an issue preventing the client from launching on some Intel HD Integrated Graphics. (Expected very soon)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the launcher installer from working on older versions of OSX. (Expected very soon)
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  • Graphics issues with NPCs at longer draw distances while using the free cam has been fixed. (Expected very soon)
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  • Boss pets will now show the correct player’s killcount when examined.
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  • Non-direct combat methods can now be utilized to progress a variety of slayer tasks that previously could not be progressed in this manner.
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  • Various Mining & Smithing typos have been fixed and corrected.
  • The description of the Balancing Wand has been cut down in order to fix an issue where the text was overlapping.
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