Patch Notes - 16/12

Hey everyone, here are the patch notes for this week!

Today's update is filled with Christmassy content and the daily challenge rework as a result we won't have many patch notes this week. However, we think we have some patch notes that many of you will enjoy. Read them below to find out:

  • Users will no longer experience dead inputs in specific combat situations.
  • Mod Hunter & Mod Harker with a brief explanation: "When the keyboard input system runescript uses sets a keybind it sets an "ignore already held" flag for that specific keybind - this prevents buttons being pressed before the interface has loaded and usually isn't noticeable.

    The actionbars used this system, however as the actionbar needs to update when your backpack, worn, prayers, stats, and so on change it ends up rebuilding a lot. The dead clicks (or more accurately dead keypresses) seemed to occur rarely when the actionbar re-drew in the same frame as input occured causing the "ignore held" flag to be set just before the keybind was processed.

    Actionbars have been updated not to set this flag when they rebuild, which we believe will resolve these dead inputs."

  • Players can now buy Dinosaur eggs for Hunter Marks from Irwinsson at the Anachronia Base Camp. Both Big Game Hunter and Slayer dinosaur eggs are available to be bought and buying will give a random egg.
  • Graphical improvements have been made to the Sleigher Armour which will remove the snow from a player if they remove a piece of the outfit, as was originally intended.
  • Prevented two doses adrenaline restoration-type potions from being used between the cooldown ending and the new one activating.
  • Using Cinderbanes with Weapon Poison+++ applied will now correctly scale the poison damage above Weapon Poison++.
  • A "Guide" option has been added to the Money Tree patch on Manor Farm.
  • A variety of untradeable items have had their noted counterpart made possible to add the Beast of Burden inventories including things such as potions, the various banite ores and bars urns, and sapling plant pots.
  • A World Map and Minimap bank icon has been added to the bank chest on Anachronia Farm.
  • A typo has been fixed on the Harvest Potion's buff bar tooltip