Patch Notes - 27/01

This week's update brings War’s Retreat, a brand new PvM hub for all your bossing needs, as well as the Winter Chill Off for some Skill versus Skill action! We’ve also made a number of changes based on your direct feedback, including QoL improvements to The Charming Imp, Cluster Task additions for Frost Dragons, and more. Read on for full details!

War’s Retreat

Show those bosses who's boss! Face Gielinor's deadliest bosses in War's Retreat and earn Marks of War to spend on auras, upgrades, and more. Or, relax with your chums (and shore up your life points) at the campfire. We’ve detailed all of the information in our weekly News Post that you can read here.

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Winter Chill Off

Firemaking, Slayer, Divination, Fletching, Agility and Herblore. Which one will win the Winter Chill Off? It's all up to you! Earn boosted XP while supporting your favourite skill, and grab yourself a Blightreaver Staff. Read up on the details in our weekly News Post here.

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  • Keybinds for the action button trigger (such as the one used to place a Blessing of Nature or to phase into the mind of Solak) no longer triggers while chat is in focus.
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  • The Cleaners have swept up the Remnants of the Yak Track area in Burthorpe.
  • Player no longer disappears halfway through the Hefin rope slide animation.

  • A number of abilities and items were causing player movement to visually stall on use. These have now been fixed. These changes should make combat feel smoother.

  • Dominion Gloves no longer visually stall your movement when they activate.
  • The Disruption shield spell animation is no longer cancelled if you move whilst using it.
  • The Staff of Sliske special attack will no longer stall your movement when cast.
  • Ranged abilities will no longer visually stall you in place when used.
  • Special attacks from the God Staves will no longer visually stall you when moving after casting.
  • When sharing damage via Soul Link you will no longer be visually stalled if moving around.
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  • Using Bladed dive on an NPC no longer changes their name to "Tap to Find a Target" or change their combat level to N/A.
  • A kill timer is now available at Kalphite Queen and the Corporeal Beast.
  • Closing certain chat-based input dialogues no longer causes clicks to sometimes be ignored where the dialogue used to be.
  • Spirit gems can no longer be equipped via the bank.
  • Freecam's help menu is now moved to the right side of the screen.
  • Ice spells in the Ancient Spellbook now have descriptions that match their effects.
  • Expanded drop-down menus in the world-hop interface now hide correctly when settings are closed.
  • Retrieving runes from the large yellow rune pouch no longer equips the item from within the bank interface.
  • The boss portal ‘attune’ interface has been updated.
  • Legacy combat users will no longer be able to see creatures walking about with 0 hit points.
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  • Fixed a bug that let the Soul Wars shop steal Zeal if you didn't have the requirements for one of its pets.
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  • Updated the World Wakes boulder puzzle to have improved tapping accuracy, added a top-down camera view, and remade the info interface to be mobile-friendly.
  • 2D cut scenes are now being presented correctly on mobile devices.
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  • During 'the great brain robbery' quest, Dr Fenkenstrain will no longer take all of your hammers, he will now correctly take 1 hammer.
  • Ironmen will now return to the entrance of the Kalphite Queen's lair upon exiting the Do No Evil cutscene located in the same area instead of joining an open instance.
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  • Frost dragons will now consistently work towards both Dragons cluster tasks and Creatures of Daemonheim cluster tasks assigned from Laniakea.
  • An issue has been fixed where players would sometimes be able to re-check the health of Cacti immediately after already doing so.
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  • Free To Play Players retrieving Members items from death will not be told to partially empty their bank.
  • Adamant Dragons were incorrectly giving too many inert Adrenaline Crystals. This has now been reduced to its intended amount.
  • Merchant will no longer always catch you stealing from the wine stall in Lumbridge.
  • Spinolyps seen in Dagannoth King fight will no longer drop items that are unreachable to the player.
  • An issue where logging into F2P would sometimes switch your currently selected action bar has been fixed.
  • The door on the right of Rashiliyia's tomb can now be used to enter the tomb.
  • Brawling gloves are no longer shown on items saved on the death list when entering the wilderness.
  • The charming imp can now place collected spirit gems directly into the spirit gem bag.

  • Previously, there was an issue where players who lost their eggs would not be able to prestige their aquarium. Those who have experienced this bug will find the fish in their tank and do not need to reacquire the fish egg.

  • Fixed an issue where players could lose POH aquarium eggs and not be able to prestige the aquarium.
  • POH aquarium eggs will no longer be lost on death.

  • F2P Players can no longer use the Large and Huge Celebration Lamps when they select the "Use All" option.
  • Fixed an issue where the prize pool for Gone Yak Tracking would not be refreshed from the previous promo.
  • Hotfix: Further improved checks to Powerburst Potions’ cooldown and activation - this will prevent gaining double effects triggering by spam clicking.
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