RS2 bugfixes - part 5

We have recently fixed the following bugs in RS2:

  • Fixed: Various bugs which caused players to get "connection lost" very often whilst playing
  • Fixed: A bug which caused characters to occasionally get stuck logged in
  • Fixed: A bug which meant people sometimes showed up as online on your friends list when they were offline
  • Fixed: A bug which meant people sometimes showed up as offline on your friends list when they were online
  • Fixed: When you swapped hats you still appeared to be wearing the first hat
  • Fixed: Poison antidote potions used up eyes of newt instead of ground unicorn horn
  • Fixed: Tying up Lady Keli didn't use up the rope
  • Fixed: Your cat would change colour and age when you interacted with another player's cats
  • Fixed: Gertrudes cat quest didn't show up as completed on the quest list when it was
  • Fixed: You needed 101 coins in your inventory to pay Shilp 100
  • Fixed: You could get multiple kittens at once
  • Fixed: The pickaxe salesmen described the different pickaxes as they were in RS1 rather than RS2
  • Fixed: Port Sarim magic shop didn't stock earth runes
  • Fixed: Maces didn't have their correct combat levels.
  • Fixed: Some of the new leather items had ridiculously high values
  • Fixed: Snape grass was using the wrong graphic
  • Fixed: Prayers drained to slowly
  • Fixed: You could get into the champions guild without the quest points requirement
  • Fixed: The secret door near the start of Edgeville Dungeon was broken

Following player feedback we have also

  • Cut out some unnessecary speech on some shopkeepers
  • Made lesser demons not block
  • Made baby blue dragons drop a new sort of bone called babydragon bones
  • Removed some annoying fences