RuneScape Premier Club 2018

RuneScape Premier Club 2018

Introducing this year’s ultimate membership deal, plus details on our soon-ending merch store sale below.

Our Best Membership Deal of the Year

Want exclusive content, VIP treatment and supercharged membership - all for less than the standard membership price?

Alongside a hefty discount, 2018 Gold Premier Club members receive the fearsome Hellion armour (pictured above), the Hellion Aura (with four beneficial effects), +1 daily Treasure Hunter Key and monthly access to the all-new Premier Club Vault. You’ll also get your own Q&As, monthly prize draws, up to 150,000 loyalty points and more! Full breakdown of the packages below, or on the dedicated Premier Club page.

Package breakdown

Months of Membership3612
Additional Keys (per day)011*
Bonus Loyalty Points20,00050,000150,000
Premier Club Reward Token011*
RuneMetrics Discount50% off
Hellion Aura✔️✔️✔️
Monthly access to the Premier Club Vault✔️
Hellion Armour ✔️
VIP Premier World Access ✔️
VIP Premier Forum Access ✔️
Forum Badge ✔️
Chat Badge ✔️
Premier Club Exclusive Q&A's ✔️
Four Content Exclusives in 2018 ✔️
Monthly Prize Draw ✔️
Access to Old School Premier ClubBronze packSilver packGold pack
Price (Bonds)51020
Price (variable)£15.99

The Formidable Hellion Aura

This rechargeable godsend not only boosts your XP by +10% for one hour when activated, but also gives both you and those around you an additional +10% XP boost for the first ten minutes and allows for one free death reclaim. Got another aura on cooldown? Use it on your Hellion aura to immediately reset it once a day!

The Premier Club Vault

The Premier Club Vault is a new, Premier Club-exclusive D&D which gives you one minute to open as many chests as you can to win rewards - the bigger the chest, the better the prize. It can be accessed through a new portal in the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

Members can give it a try for free anytime up until November 30th, after which it will be available on a monthly basis and reserved for 2018 Gold Premier Club members. Want to game the system? Buy your Premier Club membership in November unlock the vault twice this month!

Reward Tokens - Complete Your Collection

Purchasing Gold or Silver Premier Club membership will reward you with tokens that you can use to unlock Premier Club-exclusive items from previous years that you may have missed - or upcoming Pre-Paid card exclusives for 2018! Gold and Silver members receive one token at purchase, while Gold members will receive additional tokens in January and July.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the available items:

Cosmetic OutfitsPetsWeaponsHeadgearMiscellaneous
2017 Duskwing Outfit2016 Crystal Peacock2016 Crystal Peacock Weapons2013 Sinister Clown Face2015 Retro Teleport
2016 Menaphite Outfit2015 Postie Pete Pet2015 Retro Swords2013 Xmas Pudding Head2015 Retro emotes (dance & joy)
2016 Crystal Peacock Armour2014 Lava hawk2012 Barbed bow2013 Snowman Head2014 Grey Skin
2015 Mahjarrat Outfit2014 Kirin Pet2012 Golden Katana2012 Flaming skull 2014 Onyx Skin
2014 Lava hood and wings2013 Piggles pet2012 Lightning pack2012 Scarecrow mask2011 Green skin
2014 Samurai Outfit and sword2013 Porkins pet2011 Ornate katana2011 Turkey hat
2013 Capoeira outfit2012 Bloodpouncer 2011 Ice Mask
2013 Aurora armour
2013 Skypouncer outfit
2012 Paladin Outfit

Don’t miss out on this one opportunity to get the best RuneScape membership deal of the year. Remember, you can buy with bonds or go for the Silver or Bronze package and upgrade later! Read up on the details in our FAQ.

Other Great Discounts

On the topic of great deals, our Merch Store sale ends on Sunday! All tees are now reduced by at least 25%; buy any three and we’ll throw in free shipping.

Take a look if you haven’t already. Perhaps something on your wish list has come into range?

We’re also offering up to 75% off selected items in Solomon’s General Store! More details here.

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