The Lost Grove

The Lost Grove

Heard many tales of The Lost Grove? No? Thatís because itís one of Gielinorís oldest and most treasured secrets. Or was...until now. Sit tight, slayers, because with this update come hordes of brand new creatures to sink your blades into.

Fantastic beasts...

Letís start small. The Lost Grove has long been the home of wisps and fairies who live in harmony with the great tree, which stands proudly in the center. Among them is Teelee: a fairy with the sacred task of appeasing the tree spirits. By helping her in our new Weekly Distraction and Diversion, Wisps of the Grove, youíll be rewarded with Hunter and Farming XP aplenty. Youíll also be in with a chance to obtain a rare new pet, Vinny!

Time to ramp things up. These three may not look the type to go bump in the night, but donít be fooled - they pack a nasty punch!

  • At level 104, we have Vinecrawlers. Of the three, these give you the most GP per hour.
  • Next up at level 106: Bulbous crawlers. Sitting in the middle, these are equally weighted between XP and GP gain.
  • Finally, Moss Golems stand at level 108, granting the best XP per hour of the trio.
  • As for rewards, The Lost Grove is a veritable treasure trove of secrets, loot and lore. Keep your eyes peeled in particular for the new T85 Hybrid Cinderbane gloves: a pair of deadly gauntlets that passively poison any foe you hit. Combine that with your existing weapons and youíve a deadly P+++ poison panini.

    ÖAnd where to slay them

    The task to kill the three slayer creatures is available from Morvran to those above level 104 slayer. You can access The Lost Grove by investigating the ruins on the peninsula, south of the poison waste. Why are you still reading?

    Patch Notes

    Many of this week's patch notes focus around post-launch fixes for Invention Batch 2, but you'll also find a number of small Ninja updates in there too, among other things. You can read more about them in the patch notes thread.


    For those of you who have eagerly awaited the Invention batch 2 update, blueprint discovery will continue to receive an XP buff for another week in the wake of Double XP Weekend.

    Seriously, why are you still reading?

    The RuneScape Team

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