This Week In RuneScape - 07/09/20

This Week In RuneScape - 07/09/20

It's all quiet on the game news front this week. In fact, it's almost… too quiet. Like there's something mysterious waiting in the wings. Ooh, it gives us the chills!

Keep your eyes peeled next week for the fresh and tasty Penguin Hide and Seek rework, along with an extra-special surprise that will advance the story back on Anachronia. Intrigued? Tune in to this week's livestream for all the details!

Merch Store Update

We must have some expert clue hunters among us, because both the 2-pin Reward Casket set and the Gilded Armour pins are sold out!

If you were hoping to get your hands on a clue casket of your own, never fear - the enamel version of the Reward Casket pin is still in stock! Slide away the lid to discover the treasure within.

There's also a few more Tetracompass pins available, although these too are limited edition, so if you want one for your collection, you'll have to act fast.

Check out the full AngelsScapes range on the Official Merch Store page.

Welcome back to an extra-chunky Patch Notes tab! In this week's offering we've got Barb Assault bugs, some Quest Journal updates, and more of everyone's favourite category - typographical fixes!


  • Improved the flow of interactions within Barbarian Assault by removing delays.
  • Resolved a number of minor bugs in Barbarian Assault.
  • Added 'monkey corpse or monkey skull' to the list of items required for Monkey Madness in the Quest Journal.
  • The 'Stone's Throw Away' achievement can now be completed outside of Build Mode.
  • Added messaging for attempting to use Ultra-growth potion on a wider variety of invalid Farming patches.
  • The Minigames tab will now appear when teleporting directly to Player Owned Ports via the Captain's Log in the Circus.
  • The Banker in the Max Guild will now ask how many items you'd like to deposit when using them on them.
  • A particular tile on the iceberg in the Rellekka Hunter area has been colour-corrected.
  • Court Case dialogue involving H.A.M. has been updated.
  • The 'Digging for Treasure' achievement has been updated with a new description, and is now completable.
  • The Quest Journal for Nature Spirit now instructs you to meet Drezel at the Mausoleum to get a blessing.
    • Drezel will also tell you to meet him in the Mausoleum when questioned at the Temple.
  • Bogrog no longer references charged items in his Summoning dialogue.
  • Fishing spots in the Enchanted Valley can now be lured without having a fly fishing rod in your Inventory.
  • The dying roses in Perils of Ice Mountain can now be watered using cans on your Toolbelt.
  • Bug fixes

  • You can now claim the title 'the Profound' from Lanthus when wearing the full Profound Decorative Armour set.
  • The 'Sharks are Good for the Elf' achievement can now be completed by depositing raw great white sharks.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when showing mourners your warrant.
  • A specific Easy Clue Scroll task will now work in both the local and universal versions of the Burthorpe Games Room.
  • Realigned a wayward sprite in the Tree Gnome Village quest.
  • Players will no longer be able to put a '-' or a '_' at the front of their name when changing it.
  • Fixed an issue where players' names on the Examine interface would change to 'Inspect Player' when switching to Legacy Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to claim Elite Seers' Village Diary rewards without completing all the tasks.
  • The Tree Gnome Stronghold fruit tree patch will no longer progress to the wrong state when using an Ultra-growth potion on it.
  • The unlock hint for the 'In the Manor' music track now indicates the correct area of Yanille.
  • Johnathon can now be healed by all variants of Antipoison during his portion of the Family Crest quest.
  • The Activity Tracker will now lead you to Commodore Tyr when beginning A Void Dance.
  • Compressed Anima will no longer artificially inflate the Total Anima listed in quick-chat.
  • The Invention requirement for mechanised chinchompas has been removed from the Ranged Skill Guide.
  • Terry Balando's dialogue regarding reclaiming Invitation Letters during Dig Site Quest has been fixed.
  • The Blightreaver Staff will no longer disrupt the UI in Dominion Tower.
  • The monuments in the Priest in Peril quest now display the correct Examine text and respond to the correct golden items.
  • A 'Destroy all' option now appears when destroying the Woodcutting outfit.
  • The Baby Soulgazer pet now displays its kill count in the Examine text when it is overriding a familiar.
  • Fixed a minor text bug that occurred when trying to exchange motherlode shards a second time.
  • Shankymans - er, we mean Corporal Keymans, will now visibly reclaim dismissed Baby Trolls.
  • Typographical Fixes

  • The expired Firelighter notice will now read 'have' instead of 'has'.
  • The unlock hint for 'Who is the Pharaoh' now has a full stop.
  • Fixed a typo in Meg's first-time Player Owned Ports dialogue.
  • Fixed a typo in Rocky's interaction dialogue.
  • Fixed a grammatical error that appeared when talking to Larxus in the Champions' Guild.
  • Commander Montai's title (Commander) is now capitalized correctly.
  • Corrected a typo in Grondaban's Stalker Notes.
  • Fixed a typo in the Ballad of Jareesh poem.
  • Fixed a typo in Do No Evil.
  • Capitalized an item in the Strength Skill Guide.
  • Altered the names of Clue Scroll related 'puzzle' items to make them easier to find in the Bank.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the Examine text of the Mossy Rock in the Lost Grove.
  • Fixed a typo that occurred when purchasing the Commodity Sell Price Increase from Boni in Waiko.
  • All skill, spell, PvP victim death and Rest Animation names now have consistent capitalization and naming.
  • Hotfixes

  • Players who claimed their five or ten year Veteran Capes before September 2014 will no longer trigger a broadcast on their second purchase.
  • The broadcast messages for five and ten year Veteran Capes are now world broadcasts rather than global ones.
  • An issue where special attacks could be used with mismatched attack styles through the Essence of Finality amulet has been resolved.
  • Adrenaline will no longer be incorrectly refunded when swapping Essence of Finality amulets.
  • Skipping an ingredient in Traveling Artisan interface will no longer remove all 'Travelling Artisan Patches' from the Bank.
  • Fixed an issue where new players could not complete or unlock area task Achievements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Pauline Polaris to become invisible for players progressing through the 'Lunar Diplomacy' quest.
  • Fixed an issue where legendary pet abilities would never come off cooldown if the player logged out or hopped worlds.
  • StuTorials is back this week, along with some banging tunes from our community creators and a tasty kebab recipe.

    J-Mod Livestreams

    Tuesday September 8th | 16:00 Game Time | Content Preview

    Join your favourite J-Mods for a sneak peek at next week's update, which is all about Distractions and Diversions! Starring a KGP (Killer Guest Panel), and all manner of reveals!

    Wednesday September 9th | 16:00 Game Time | Stutorials

    Mods Poerkie and Stu are back for another whirlwind trip into Gielinor's past! It's like The Magic School Bus, but there's no bus, and Miss Frizzle keeps talking about 'engagement metrics' and 'cognitive load'. Definitely one for the calendar!

    Featured Streamer

    This week our featured streamer RSCC Interviews is completing Sliske's Endgame, using the reward from that to complete their journey to max, and then sitting down for an interview with Mod Shogun! Phew, what a day!

    You can join in the fun from 12:00 Game Time on Tuesday 8th September, right here on RSCC Interviews' Twitch channel. Don't forget the Djungelvrål!

    Creative Corner

    Here in the Creative Corner we celebrate all kinds of art, and this week we're throwing on our fanciest headphones and jamming out to these awesome RuneScape-inspired tunes from Gawkie. Sit back and relax as the music takes you on a magic carpet ride through the sandy streets of Al Kharid.

    Featured Video

    Phew, after all that dancing we're feeling kind of hungry. Luckily, our Featured Video this week is going to teach us how to make a delicious kebab, RuneScape style! All you need for this tasty recipe is some lamb mince, a selection of seasonings, lettuce, tomatoes, pitta bread - and of course, a Drunken Dwarf to help you consume the finished product.

    If you're still hungry after that, The Cook's Assistant has all kinds of other recipes for you to try - we're particularly interested in the Chocolate Bomb. Let us know what you end up cooking!

    Pink Skirts Event

    In this week's Pink Skirts event Naruto 1001 and JacobDaPleb will be leading a King Black Dragon boss mass! Grab your Dragonfire Shield and join in the fun on Sunday September 13th at 19:00 Game Time at the Edgeville Lodestone on World 11.

    Full details are available on the Pink Skirts website or alternatively, you can add F2P Events to your Friends' List and ask whatever questions you may have.

    Happy slaying!

    - The RuneScape Team

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